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NOTE-1571 The Care and Feeding of BaBar
NOTE-0560 Pub DB Web Interface Overview
NOTE-0518 The Data Transmission System for the BaBar Silicon Vertex Tracker
NOTE-0514 Field Measurements in the BaBar Solenoid
NOTE-0513 The Tail of the Hybrid of the BaBar Silicon Vertex Tracker
NOTE-0501 The ATOM User's Guide
NOTE-0497 Recommendation for Exclusive B Reconstruction Analysis Variables
NOTE-0482 1997 Beam Test of the BaBar SVT Modules: Analysis of the Response of Defective Channels
NOTE-0479 Study of dE/dx Resolution in He-Isobutane Mixtures Using the Annecy Test Chamber
NOTE-0457 Computer Controlled Test Fixture for the Validation Tests of the BaBar-SVT Multichannel Floating Power Supplies
NOTE-0455 Design of a Radiation Monitoring Module for PIN-Diodes
NOTE-0435 Pre Production AToM Chip Radiation Test
NOTE-0392 Design, Production and Test of the BaBar SVT Fanouts
NOTE-0376 Specifications of the BaBar SVT Fanouts
NOTE-0360 TRACKERR, A Program for Calculating Tracking Errors
NOTE-0348 Design of the BaBar Position Monitoring Systems for the SVT and Drift Chamber
NOTE-0327 Noise in a Calorimeter Readout System Using Periodic Sampling
NOTE-0323 Temperature Monitoring and Interlocks for the BaBar SVT Front-End Electronics
NOTE-0312 Specifications and Quality Control Procedures of Silicon Detectors for SVT
NOTE-0307 BaBar SVT Mechanical Systems Design, Assembly, Procedures, and QC Description
NOTE-0306 BaBar SVT Mechanical Systems Design Requirements
NOTE-0302 Monitoring Requirements of the BaBar Silicon Vertex Tracker
NOTE-0299 BaBar SVT Electronic Readout Preliminary System Description
NOTE-0298 BaBar SVT Electronic Readout System Design Requirements
NOTE-0295 Thermal Finite Elements Analysis of the BaBar Silicon Vertex Tracker
NOTE-0195 Trackerr Studies for Optimization of Vertex Detector Resolution
NOTE-0126 De/Dx Particle Identification with a Five-Layer Silicon Tracker
NOTE-0072 Studies of energy loss and multiple scattering for a B factory silicon detector