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THESIS-14/001 Study of B -> K pi pi gamma dacays with the Babar Experiment: the photon helicity and the resonant structure of the K pi pi system Akar, Simon 30-Sep-13
THESIS-12/005 The Search for Rare Non-hadronic B-meson Decays with Final-state Neutrinos using the BABAR Detector Lindemann, Dana M.
THESIS-12/003 Study of electromagnetic and hadronic decays of narrow Upsilon resonances at BaBar Guido, Elisa
THESIS-12/002 Study of CP Violation in Dalitz-Plot Analyses of B-Meson Decays to Three Kaons Lindquist, Brian E. 27-Jan-12
THESIS-12/001 Study of charmonium resonances in the gg -> K0SK+pi- and gg ->K+K-pi+pi-pi0 processes Biassoni, Pietro
THESIS-11/009 First observation of the charmless decay B+->K+pi0pi0 and study of the Dalitz plot structure Puccio, Eugenia Maria Teresa 25-May-11
THESIS-11/008 Isospin analysis and study of the decay modes anti-B0 -> Lambda_c+ antiproton pi0 and anti-B0 -> Lambda_c+ antiproton eta Ebert, Marcus 31-May-11
THESIS-11/007 Search for CP violation in singly Cabibbo suppressed four-body D decays Martinelli, Maurizio 19-May-11
THESIS-11/006 Precision Measurements of Tau Lepton Decays Nugent, Ian M. 22-Dec-08
THESIS-11/005 Branching fraction for B+ ---> pi0 l+ nu, measured in Upsilon(4S) ---> B anti-B events tagged by B- ---> D0 l- anti-v (X) decays. Brunet, Sylvie
THESIS-11/004 Measurement of the D_s Decay Constant f_Ds and Observation of New Charm Resonances Decaying to D^(*)\pi Benitez, Jose F.
THESIS-11/003 Measurement of the neutral D meson mixing parameters at the BaBar experiment Garra Tico, Jordi 16-Jul-10
THESIS-11/002 Mesure du rapport d'embranchement des d¿sint¿grations B0→pi- l+ nu et B+→eta(') l+ nu, du spectre des facteurs de forme des d¿sint¿grations B0→pi- l+ nu et B+→eta l+ nu, et extraction de |Vub| dans l'exp¿rience BaBar Simard, Martin
THESIS-10/017 Measurements of B -> V gamma Decays Yarritu, Aaron K. 30-Aug-10
THESIS-10/015 Study of |Vtd/Vts| Using a Sum of Exclusive B -> X gamma Final States Reconstructed with the BaBar Detector Tibbetts, Mark J. 01-Jun-10
THESIS-10/014 A Study of the Rare Charmless Hadronic B Decay B+ -> a0+ pi0 using the BaBar Detector Panduro Vazquez, William 01-Feb-07
THESIS-10/013 Study of the Rare Hadronic Decays Ds+ -> K+ pi0, Ds+ -> pi+ K0s and Ds+ -> pi+ pi0 at BaBar Nikolich, Michael Borivoje 01-May-06
THESIS-10/012 A Measurement of the Branching Fractions and CP Asymmetries of the Decays B+ -> K*+ pi0 and B+ -> rho+ pi0 at BaBar Gaillard, James Robert 01-Jul-05
THESIS-10/011 Study of Charmless Semileptonic B Decays and a Measurement of the CKM Matrix Element |Vub| at BaBar Taylor, Gary P. 01-Apr-04
THESIS-10/010 Search for B to K nu nubar Decays with a Semileptonic Tag Vuosalo, Carl O. 14-Jan-10
THESIS-10/009 A Study of B->ccbar gamma K in the BaBar Experiment Fulsom, Bryan 20-May-09
THESIS-10/008 Measurement of CP Parameters in B->D0(CP)K Decays With the Babar Detector Karbach, Till Moritz 03-Jun-09
THESIS-10/007 Observation and study of bottom-meson decays to a charm meson, a proton-antiproton pair, and pions Hong, Tae Min 15-Oct-09
THESIS-10/006 Measurement of CP-observables with B- -> D0K*- decays Wong, Quincy K.
THESIS-10/005 Mesure de l'angle Gamma du triangle d'unitarite de la matrice CKM dans les desintegrations B to D*K aupres de l'experience BaBar Latour, Emmanuel 15-Oct-07
THESIS-10/004 Mesurement of the Branching Fraction and CP Asymmetries in B Meson Decays Into Pi mesons Allen, Mark Tiller 08-Dec-07
THESIS-10/003 Measurements of CP-Violating Asymmetries in Neutral B Meson Decays into Three Kaons Thompson, Joshua Michael 01-Nov-08
THESIS-10/002 Measurements of Direct CP Violation and Constraint on the CKM Triange in B->K*pi Decays Wagner, Andrew P. 01-Feb-10
THESIS-10/001 Etude des desintegrations rares B --> K* rho / rho rho et recherche de violation de CP pour ces modes dans l'experience BaBar Schott, Gregory A. 19-Jul-04
THESIS-09/016 Precision measurement of the $e^+e^-\rightarrow\pi^+\pi^-(\gamma)$ cross-section with ISR method Wang, Liangliang 26-May-09
THESIS-09/015 Etude de la désintégration semileptonique D+→ K- π+ e+ νe dans l’expérience Babar Firmino da Costa, Joao 06-Jul-09
THESIS-09/014 Mesure de l'angle gamma de la matrice CKM à l'aide des désintégrations B– ➝ D0 K*– en utilisant le détecteur BaBar à SLAC Pruvot, Stephane 04-Jul-07
THESIS-09/013 Mesures de l'amplitude b → u et de la phase faible γ de la matrice CKM à l'aide des désintégrations B0 → D0 K*0 reconstruites avec l'expérience Babar Sordini, Viola 06-Jun-08
THESIS-09/012 Study of the Ds+ to K+K-e+ nu Decay Channel with the BaBar Experiment Serrano, Justine 15-Apr-08
THESIS-09/011 Two Complementary Strategies for New Physics Searches at Lepton Colliders Hooberman, Benjamin H. 22-May-09
THESIS-09/010 Study of B-meson Decays to Final States with a Single Charm Baryon Majewski, Stephanie A. 30-Aug-07
THESIS-09/009 Measurement of branching fraction ratios and CP asymmetries in B->D0_CP K decays with the BABAR detector Marchiori, Giovanni 23-Jun-05
THESIS-09/008 On decay of B mesons to a strange meson and an eta or eta' meson at BABAR Hirschauer, James F. 11-Dec-08
THESIS-09/007 Measurement of D0 lifetime with the BaBar detector Simi, Gabriele 05-Nov-01
THESIS-09/006 The BaBar Level 1 EMC Trigger and a measurement of the branching ration of B0 -> J/Psi K0s Wallom, David 01-Dec-02
THESIS-09/005 Studies of the decay B -> etc_c K at the BaBar experiment Barlow, Nicholas R. 01-May-03
THESIS-09/004 GRID technologies in MC production, L1 drift chamber trigger upgrade and the search for LFV in e+e- -> mu tau at BaBar Kelly, Marc P. 09-Aug-05
THESIS-09/003 Evidence for charged B meson decays to a_1+/- pi0 and a_10 pi+/- using the BaBar detector Walker, Daniel 01-Oct-07
THESIS-09/002 Search for lepton flavour violating decays tau -> l Ks with the BaBar detector Cenci, Riccardo
THESIS-09/001 Radiative B Meson Decay as a Probe of Physics Beyond the Standard Model: Time-Dependent CP Violation in B0 --> KS pi0 gamma and the B --> phi K gamma Branching Fraction Tuggle, Joseph M. 05-Jan-09
THESIS-08/010 Measurement of CP content and time-dependent CP violation in B0 --> D*+D*- decays Anderson, Jacob M.
THESIS-08/009 B Counting at BaBar Mcgregor, Grant D. 29-Aug-08
THESIS-08/008 Measurement of the branching fraction of the color-suppressed decays anti-B0 to D(*)0h0, h0 = pi0, eta, omega, eta' Prudent, Xavier 05-Jun-08
THESIS-08/007 A Study of Angular Asymmetries in the Decay B->K*ll Schilling, Christopher J. 11-Aug-08
THESIS-08/006 Measurement of Cabibbo-suppressed tau lepton decays and the determination of |Vus| Schenk, Stefan
THESIS-08/005 An Enquiry Concerning Charmless Semileptonic Decays of Bottom Mesons Chaisanguanthum, Kris
THESIS-08/004 Measurement and Interpretation of Moments of the Combined Hadronic Mass and Energy Spectrum in Inclusive Semileptonic B-Meson Decays Klose, Verena 28-Feb-08
THESIS-08/002 Precision Measurement of the Mass Difference of Neutral and Charged B Mesons Nogowski, Rene 10-Sep-07
THESIS-08/001 Etude de la violation de CP dans les d¿sint¿grations B0 -> D*pi partiellement reconstruites avec le d¿tecteur BaBar. Legendre, Marie 01-Apr-05
THESIS-07/008 Experimental Study of Three-body Cabibbo-suppressed D^0 Decays and Extraction of CP Violation Parameters Mishra, Kalanand
THESIS-07/007 Time-Dependent Dalitz-Plot Analysis of the Charmless Decay B0 -> K0S pi+ pi- at BaBar Del Amo Sanchez, Pablo 09-Oct-07
THESIS-07/006 Reconstruction of B- --> D*0 e- nubar Decays and Determination of |Vcb| Schubert, Jens 01-Dec-06
THESIS-07/005 Study of Rare B Meson Decays Related to the CKM Angle Beta at BABAR Ulmer, Keith A. 25-May-07
THESIS-07/004 Measurement of Branching Fractions and CP-Violating Asymmetries in B0-->K0K0bar and B+-->K0barK+ Decays at the BaBar Experiment Biesiada, Jed 17-May-07
THESIS-07/003 A study of B+ -> Kbar*(892)0 K+ using the BaBar detector Burke, James P. 29-Sep-06
THESIS-07/002 Measurements of Branching Fractions and CP Violation in B Meson Rare Decays to Final States Containing eta or eta' Mesons in the BaBar Experiment at SLAC Lazzaro, Alfio 12-Jan-07
THESIS-07/001 Search for the rare decay B to pi l+ l- in the BABAR experiment Ofte, Ingrid 18-Dec-06
THESIS-06/006 Investigation of the Charmless Decay B+- -> K+- K-+ K+- using a Dalitz Plot analysis at BaBar Hart, Alistair J. 28-Sep-06
THESIS-06/005 Dalitz Plot Analysis of the Charmless Threebody Decay B+- -> K+- K+- K-+ Utilizing Data Recorded by the BaBar Experiment Barrett, Matthew 29-Sep-06
THESIS-06/004 Study of Rare B-Meson Decays Related to the CP Observable sin(2beta+gamma) at the BABAR Experiment Orimoto, Toyoko J. 15-Aug-06
THESIS-06/003 A Simultaneous Measurement Of The Branching Fractions Of Ten B To Double Charm Decays Lae, Chung Khim
THESIS-06/002 Search for the Decay of Neutral B Mesons to a Neutral K Star Meson and a Neutral K Meson Foulkes, Stephen D. 16-Jun-06
THESIS-06/001 Measurement of Inclusive Radiative B Decays Ozcan, V. Erkcan 15-Dec-05
THESIS-05/018 Analysis of D0 -> K+ pi- pi0 Decays: Search for D0-D0bar Mixing, and Measurements of the Doubly Cabibbo-Suppressed Decay Rate and Resonance Contributions Wilson, Michael G. 08-Dec-05
THESIS-05/017 Search for CP violation in the B0 -> DKpi system. Petersen, Troels C. 19-May-04
THESIS-05/016 Determination of the CKM element |Vub| Fortin, Dominique 07-Oct-05
THESIS-05/015 Searches for the Theta(1540)^+ Pentaquark Candidate, with the BaBar detector Coleman, Jonathon 17-May-05
THESIS-05/013 Monte Carlo Studies for Parameterization of B Mixing with Dilepton Events (MSc Thesis) Song, Zhongzhi 19-Jul-05
THESIS-05/012 A Study of BaBar Behaviours Using the e+ e- --> phi gamma Control Samples (MSc Thesis) Boustani, Nasim 01-May-05
THESIS-05/011 Track Impact Parameter Resolution in the BaBar Detector (MSc Thesis) Asgeirsson, David J. 21-Apr-05
THESIS-05/010 Amplitude analysis of the charmless decays of charged B mesons to the final states K+pi-pi+ using the BaBar detector Latham, Thomas E. 29-Apr-05
THESIS-05/009 Search for the Decay B0 -> eta phi at the BABAR Experiment Otto, Stephan 28-Apr-05
THESIS-05/008 Search for CP Violation in Charged D Meson Decays Yumiceva, Francisco X.
THESIS-05/007 Analysis of B0 Decay to the Charmless Final State K0s pi+ pi- atthe BaBar Experiment Ford, Kelly E. 14-Feb-05
THESIS-05/006 Investigation of the Charmless Decay B+- -> K+- pi+- pi-+ using a Dalitz Plot Analysis at BaBar Morgan, Sian E. 08-Mar-05
THESIS-05/005 Study of Charmless Inclusive Semileptonic Decays and Measurement of the CKM Element |V_ub| with the BaBar Detector Azzolini, Virginia
THESIS-05/003 Study of Rare Radiative B decays to K2*(1430) Meson using the BaBar Detector Guo, Qinghua 11-Dec-04
THESIS-05/002 Study of exclusive charmless semileptonic decays of the B meson in BaBar Gallo, Francesco 17-Dec-04
THESIS-05/001 Measurement of Hadronic Mass Moments from Semileptonic B Meson Decays Flaecher, Henning 09-Dec-03
THESIS-04/019 Search for the inclusive semileptonic decay B+ -> Ds- K+ l+ nu Jasper, Heiko 01-Nov-04
THESIS-04/016 Measurement of the $b \to s \gamma$ Branching Ratio Studying the Recoil of Fully Reconstructed B's with the BaBar Experiment Bellini, Fabio
THESIS-04/014 Rare $B$ Meson Decays with $\omega$ Mesons Zhang, Lei 20-Aug-04
THESIS-04/013 Branching fraction measurements of the rare B decays B0->K*+pi- and B0->K*0pi0 Lavin, Dominic 26-Mar-04
THESIS-04/012 Measurement of the Partial Widths Ratio Gamma(Ds*+ -> Ds+ pi0) / Gamma(Ds*+ -> Ds+ gamma) at the BaBar Experiment Dickopp, Martin 22-Jul-04
THESIS-04/011 Studies of the strange hadronic tau decay tau- -> K0S pi- nu using the BaBar detector. Lyon, Andrew J. 18-Mar-04
THESIS-04/009 Measurement of the Branching Fraction of the Semileptonic Decay B0-> D* l nu in the BaBar Experiment Thiessen, Douglas 11-Feb-04
THESIS-04/007 Search for Neutral D Meson Mixing Using Semileptonic Decays Flood, Kevin 13-Apr-04
THESIS-04/006 Measurements of the CP Content and CP Violating Asymmetries in Neutral B Decays to Two D* Mesons with the BaBar Detector Lillard, Vincent
THESIS-04/005 Study of the Rare Charmless Hadronic B Meson Decays B-zero to phi K-zero and B-zero to K-star-plus pi-minus Anjomshoaa, Ali 01-Aug-02
THESIS-04/004 The BaBar Light Pulser System Clark, Philip J. 17-Mar-00
THESIS-04/003 Design of Dataflow Monitoring and Searches for B to omega gamma, B to phi gamma and B to phi K-short gamma at BaBar Swain, James E. 15-Mar-04
THESIS-04/002 Study of B Meson Decays to ppbarh Final States Hryn'ova, Tetiana 28-Feb-06
THESIS-03/017 Direct CP Violation in Charmless Hadronic B-meson Decays at the PEP-II Asymmetric B-meson Factory. Telnov, Alexandre V. 26-Nov-03
THESIS-03/016 Etude de la violation de la symetrie CP dans les canaux charmonium-K*(892) par une analyse angulaire complete dependante du temps. T'Jampens, Stephane 18-Dec-02
THESIS-03/015 Semileptonic decay of the neutral B meson into a D* meson: measurement of the branching ratio Borean, Cristiano 13-Jan-03
THESIS-03/014 Etude de modes de desintegration non charmee du meson B et recherche de la violation de la symetrie CP Giraud,Pierre-Francois 25-Apr-03
THESIS-03/013 Measurement of CP Asymmetries and Branching Fractions in Neutral B Meson Decays to charged Pions and Kaons with the BaBar Detector Farbin, Amir 16-May-03
THESIS-03/012 Etude de la violation de CP dans la desintegration B0 -> h+h- (h=pi,K) Pivk, Muriel
THESIS-03/011 Measurement of the branching fraction and search for direct CP-violation in the B+- -> J/psi pi+- decay mode at BaBar Fabozzi, Francesco 14-Dec-01
THESIS-03/010 Study of the rare decay B0 to pi0pi0 at BABAR Bowerman, Daniel A. 01-Oct-02
THESIS-03/009 A study of the charmless decays of charged B mesons to the final state K pi pi using the babar detector Bhimji, Wahid
THESIS-03/008 Measurement of Branching Fractions and CP Violating Asymmetries of Charmless Hadronic B decays B->K*pi Chevalier, Nicole 10-Jun-02
THESIS-03/007 Branching Fraction and Time-Dependent CP Asymmetry in Neutral B Decays to J/Psi and a Neutral Pion Soha, Aron 05-May-03
THESIS-03/006 Radiative Decays of the B Meson Tanaka, Hirohisa 01-Aug-02
THESIS-03/005 Study of Exclusive Charmless Semileptonic Decays of the B Meson Weinstein, Amanda 06-Dec-04
THESIS-03/004 Measurement of the momentum spectra of charged pions, kaons and protons from B+ and B0 decays Christ, Stefan
THESIS-03/001 Mesure des rapports d'embranchement et recherche de la violation de CP dans les modes B->rhopi, rhoK. Laplace, Sandrine 30-Apr-03
THESIS-02/022 Mesure du rapport d'embranchement et du facteur de forme de la desintegration B0->pilnu, et determination de |Vub| avec une technique de reconstruction relachee du neutrino Cote, David 30-Apr-07
THESIS-02/021 Measurement of Vub studying inclusive semileptonic decays on the recoil of fully reconstructed B's with the BaBar experiment del Re, Daniele 15-Dec-02
THESIS-02/020 CP violating asymmetry in B->D(*)pi decays with the BaBar detector Voena, Cecilia 31-Jan-03
THESIS-02/019 Measurement of B^0 Lifetime Using Partial Reconstruction Krishnamurthy, Mahalaxmi 14-Aug-02
THESIS-02/015 Study of B to PSI (2S) K Decays with PSI (2S) to J/PSI PI0 PI0 Pastore, Francesca C. 07-Feb-02
THESIS-02/014 A Measurement of the Exclusive Branching Fraction for B to piK at BaBar Aspinwall, Louise 15-Feb-02
THESIS-02/013 Measurement of Branching Fractions of Rare Charmless Hadronic B Decays to pi+pi0K0s Knowles, David J. 02-Jun-03
THESIS-02/012 Search for CP Violation in the Decay B0, B0bar->Psi(2s) KS Olivas, Alexander R.
THESIS-02/009 A Study of Neutral B Meson Time Evolution Using Exclusively Reconstructed Semileptonic Decays Meyer, Timothy Isaac 22-Aug-02
THESIS-02/008 A Measurement of the Lifetime and Mixing Frequency of neutral B mesons with semileptonic decays in the BABAR Detector Cheng, Chih-hsiang 22-Aug-02
THESIS-02/007 A Measurement of the Lambda_c -> p K pi Absolute Branching Fraction with the BABAR Detector Roat, Christopher 30-May-03
THESIS-02/005 Measurement of the Branching Fraction of the Semileptonic Decay B0->D*munu in the BaBar Experiment Thiessen, Douglas 09-Feb-04
THESIS-02/004 Measurement of CP Violation in b -> c anti-c d Exclusive Decays at the BABAR Experiment Albert, Justin 20-May-02
THESIS-02/003 A Measurement of B0 Anti-B0 Oscillations Using Fully-Reconstructed Hadronic B Decays at BaBar Brau, Benjamin 25-Apr-02
THESIS-02/002 Etude des desintegrations doublement charmees des mesons B avec l'experience BaBar a Slac Robbe, Patrick 18-Apr-02
THESIS-01/013 Monte Carlo Analysis of the Flavour Changing Neutral Current b to s gamma at BaBar Smith, Daniel 15-Sep-01
THESIS-01/012 Reconstruction des désintègrations des mèsons B en vue de la dètermination de leurs durèes de vie et de la mise en èvidence de la violation de CP dans l'expèrience BABAR à SLAC Stark, Jan 17-Dec-01
THESIS-01/010 Electron identification and measurement of the inclusive semileptonic branching fraction of B mesons at the BABAR experiment Brandt, Thorsten 01-Nov-01
THESIS-01/009 Measurements of Branching Ratios and CP Violating Asymmetries in B--> pi+pi- abd B -->Kpi Decays with the BaBar Experiment Cavoto, Gianluca 31-Oct-01
THESIS-01/008 A study of B0 to J/psi pi+pi- using the BABAR detector Boyd, Jamie 01-Oct-01
THESIS-01/007 ¿tude des d¿sint¿grations semi-leptoniques non charm¿es des m¿sons B et mesure de l'¿l¿ment Vub de la matrice CKM dans l'exp¿rience BABAR, in French Serfass, Bruno 01-Sep-01
THESIS-01/006 Evaluation of the Photonic Conversion Finder for the BaBar Experiment (MSc thesis) Lurie, Zerah 01-Feb-02
THESIS-01/004 Die Kalibration des elektromagnetischen CsI(T1)-Kalorimeters des BABAR-Detektors mit Ereignissen der Bhabha-Streuung, in German Mueller-Pfefferkorn, Ralph 01-Jun-01
THESIS-01/003 A study of tau to pi- pi0 nu using the BABAR detector Fullwood, Jonathan 01-May-01
THESIS-01/002 Mesure de sin2beta, Violation de CP dans les caneaux charmonium, Contribution du canal J/psi K0* (K0S pi0), in French Cohen-Tanugi, Johann 01-Apr-01
THESIS-01/001 Etude du bruit de fond engendre par la machine PEP-II a l'aide d'une miniTPC. Etude de la desintegration doublement charmee du meson B avec le detecteur BaBar Trincaz-Duvoid, Sophie 04-Jan-01
THESIS-00/007 A Measurement of Neutral B Mixing using Di-Lepton Events with BaBar Detector Gunawardane, Naveen 15-Dec-00
THESIS-00/004 Fast simulation of the BaBar calorimeter and a measurement of the Branching Ratio B -> K0s X Savvas, Nicholas 01-Nov-00
THESIS-00/003 Das Lichtpulsersystem des elektromagnetischen CsI(Tl)-Kalorimeters des BABAR-Detektors, in German Kocian, Martin L. 01-Oct-00
THESIS-00/002 Entwicklung und Aufbau eines Lichtpulsersystems fuer das Kalorimeter des BABAR-Detektors, in German Lewandowski, Bernd 01-Jul-00
THESIS-00/001 A measurement of the B to J/psi K* Branching Ratio and Calorimeter Studies using the BaBar detector Weatherall, James 15-Jun-00
THESIS-99/002 Quality assurance of CsI(Tl) crystals for the BABAR electromagnetic calorimeter, and a Monte-Carlo study of the CP-violating channel B0 to pi+ pi- pi0 for the BABAR detector Harrison, Theresa
THESIS-99/001 A Monte Carlo Study of the Momentum Dependence on the Results if Tracking Unknown Particle Species in the BaBar Detector (MSc Thesis) Sewerynek, Stephen 15-Apr-99
THESIS-98/002 Design and Application of the Reconstruction Software for the BaBar Calorimeter Strother, Philip 15-Nov-98
THESIS-96/002 Backgrounds Studies for BaBar (MSc Thesis) Goodenough, Cherie 15-Sep-96
THESIS-96/001 Studies of Helium-Based Gas Mixtures Using a Small Cell Drift Chamber (MSc Thesis) Heise, Jaret 15-Mar-96

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