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COLL-0053 Mohanty, Gagan Bihari Looking for Exotica at the B factories
COLL-0051 MacFarlane, David Status and Physics Opportunities with BABAR
COLL-0050 Hamel de Monchenault, Gautier BABAR Status and Physics Reach in Coming Years
COLL-0049 MacFarlane, David Exploring Matter-Antimatter Asymmetries at the B Factories
COLL-0046 Petersen, Brian Charm physics at BaBar
COLL-0044 Waldi, Roland Study of CP Violation at Babar
COLL-0043 Dong, Danning Measurements of Rare and Exotic Decays from BaBar
COLL-0042 Verkerke, Wouter Sin2beta With Charmonium And Penguin Modes
COLL-0041 Dujmic, Denis Sine 2 beta from Charmonium and Penguin modes at BaBar
COLL-0040 Roodman, Aaron Exploring Penguins: Gluonic Loops at BaBar
COLL-0039 Prell, Soeren A. Measurements of the CKM Angle Beta from BaBar
COLL-0038 Olsen, Jim The other angles: measurements of alpha and gamma at BaBar
COLL-0037 John, Malcolm Jared James Alpha and Gamma Measurements from BaBar
COLL-0036 Kowalewski, Robert Results from semileptonic B decays from BaBar
COLL-0035 Cristinziani, Markus Charmless B meson decays and measurements of CKM alpha at BaBar
COLL-0034 Touramanis, Christos Alpha and Gamma Measurement from Rhopi, RhoRho and DK decays in BaBar
COLL-0033 Morii, Masahiro Semileptonic B Decays at BaBar
COLL-0032 MacFarlane, David B Physics at a Super B Factory
COLL-0031 Schubert, Klaus R. Some Highlights of the BABAR Experiment
COLL-0030 Burchat, Patricia Quirks in the Search for Pentaquarks
COLL-0029 Cahn, Robert Elementary Quantum Mechanics and the New Particles
COLL-0028 Gritsan, Andrei V Rare Vector-Vector B Decays: a New Approach to Alpha and New Physics
COLL-0027 Wilson, Michael G. Search for D mixing in BABAR
COLL-0026 Long, Owen Recent BABAR results on CP violation
COLL-0025 Palano, Antimo Two new, strange, charmed mesons in BABAR
COLL-0024 Grenier, Gerald J. Updated BABAR results on CP violation
COLL-0023 Bartelt, John E. A couple of surprisingly light strange charmed mesons at BABAR
COLL-0022 Roodman, Aaron New B Physics Results from Lepton Photon 2003
COLL-0021 Roe, Natalie A. Looking for a New Angle on CP Violation
COLL-0020 Telnov, Alexandre V. Pure Penguin B-meson Decays in BaBar: a Window to Physics beyond the Standard Model
COLL-0019 Hamel de Monchenault, Gautier Experimental Aspects of CP Violation
COLL-0017 Hawkes, Chris A couple of surprisingly light strange charmed mesons at BABAR
COLL-0016 Williams, David C. BaBar's discovery of Ds(2317) and Confirmation of the Ds(2457)
COLL-0015 MacFarlane, David Perspectives on B Physics
COLL-0014 Langenegger, Urs Semileptonic B Decays at BABAR
COLL-0012 A new charming and strange meson in BaBar
COLL-0011 Palano, Antimo Observation in the BaBar Experiment of a Narrow Meson in the D_s^+pi^0 System at 2.32 GeV/c2
COLL-0009 Hamel de Monchenault, Gautier Recent CP Violation Studies at BABAR
COLL-0008 Wilson, Fergus F. The BaBar Experiment
COLL-0007 Williams, David C. D0 Mixing and Charm Physics at BaBar 09-Jan-03 Seminar
COLL-0005 Burchat, Patricia Studying CP Asymmetries at the B Factories: Progress and Prospects
COLL-0004 MacFarlane, David Mixing and Time-Dependent CP Asymmetries in e+e- Annihilation 05-Aug-02 2002 SLAC Summer Institute
COLL-0003 Burchat, Patricia Physics from B Decays: Lifetimes, Mixing, CP-violating Asymmetries and Rare Decays 27-May-02 2002 DPF
COLL-02/002 Gowdy, Stephen Un(der)employed BaBar Analysis Tools 16-Apr-02 SLAC seminar
COLL-02/001 MacFarlane, David CP Violation in the B Meson System and Outlook 22-Jan-02 2002 International Workshop on Weak Interactions and Neutrinos