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PUB-23/005 Study of additional radiation in the initial-state-radiation processes e+e- --> mu+mu-gamma and e+e- -->pi+pi-gamma in the BABAR experiment 11-Aug-23 PRD 108, L111103 (2023)
PUB-23/004 Precision e- beam polarimetry at an e+e- B factory using tau-pair events 09-Aug-23 PRD 108, 092001 (2023)
PUB-23/003 Search for baryogenesis and dark matter in B+ -> psi_D + p decays at BABAR 19-Jun-23 PRL 131, 201801 (2023)
PUB-23/002 Model independent extraction of form factors and |Vcb| in B -> D-ell-nu with hadronic tagging at BABAR 29-Nov-23 PRD
PUB-23/001 Search for B mesogenesis at BABAR 01-Feb-23 PRD 107, 092001 (2023)
PUB-22/002 Search for heavy neutral leptons using tau decays at BABAR 21-Jul-22 PRD 107, 052009 (2023)
PUB-22/001 Study of the reactions e+e- -> K+K-pi0pi0pi0, e+e- -> KSK+pi-pi0pi0, and e+e- -> KSK+pi-pi+pi- at center-of-mass energies from threshold to 4.5 GeV using initial-state radiation 25-Jul-22 PRD 107, 072001 (2023)
PUB-21/006 Search for an axion-like particle in B meson decays 05-Nov-21 PRL 128, 131802 (2022)
PUB-21/005 Study of the reactions e+e- -> pi+pi-pi0pi0pi0pi0 and pi+pi-pi0pi0pi0eta at center-of-mass energies from threshold to 4.5 GeV using initial-state radiation 05-Oct-21 PRD 104, 112004 (2021)
PUB-21/004 Study of the process e+e- -> pi+pi-pi0 using intial-state radiation with BABAR 04-Oct-21 PRD 104, 112003 (2021)
PUB-21/003 Search for lepton flavor violation in Y(3S) -> e mu 10-Sep-21 PRL 128, 091804 (2022)
PUB-21/002 Search for darkonium in e+e- collisions 22-Jun-21 PRL 128, 021802 (2022)
PUB-21/001 Light meson spectroscopy from Daltiz plot analyses of eta_c decays to eta'K_K-, eta'pi+pi-, and eta pi+pi- produced in two-photon interactions 10-Jun-21 PRD 104, 072002 (2021)
PUB-20/004 Study of the reactions e+e- -> 2(pi+pi-)pi0pi0pi0 and 2(pi+pi-)pi0pi0eta at center-of-mass energies from threshold to 4.5 GeV using initial-state radiation 05-Feb-21 PRD 103, 092001 (2021)
PUB-20/003 Search for a dark leptophilic scalar in e+e- collisions 06-May-20 PRL 125, 181801 (2020)
PUB-20/002 Precision measurement of the ratio B(Y(3S)->tautau)/B(Y(3S)->mumu) 13-May-20 PRL 125, 241801 (2020)
PUB-20/001 Search for lepton-flavor-violating decays D0 -> X0e+mu- 21-Apr-20 PRD 101, 112003 (2020)
PUB-19/003 Resonances in e+e- annihilation near 2.2 GeV 11-Dec-19 PRD 101, 012011 (2020)
PUB-19/002 Search for rare or forbidden decays of the D0 meson 16-May-19 PRL 124, 071802 (2020)
PUB-19/001 A test of heavy quark effective theory using a four-dimensional angular analysis of B -> D* ell nu 26-Mar-19 PRL 123, 091801 (2019)
PUB-18/010 Search for B- -> Lambda pbar nu nubar with the BABAR experiment 22-Aug-19 PRD-RC 100, 111101 (2019)
PUB-18/009 Search for a Stable Six-Quark State at BABAR 15-Nov-18 PRL 122, 072002 (2019)
PUB-18/008 Study of the reactions e+e- -> pi+pi-pi0pi0pi0 and pi+pi-pi0pi0eta at center-of-mass energies from threshold to 4.35 GeV using initial-state radiation 30-Oct-18 PRD 98, 112015 (2018)
PUB-18/007 Observation of the decay D0 -> K- pi+ e+ e- 30-Aug-18 PRL 122, 081802 (2019)
PUB-18/006 Measurement of the gamma*gamma* -> eta' transition form factor 27-Aug-18 PRD 98, 112002 (2018)
PUB-18/005 Measurement of the spectral function for the tau- -> K- KS nu_tau decay 28-Jun-18 PRD-RC 98, 032010 (2018)
PUB-18/004 Measurements of the absolute branching fractions of B+- -> K+- X_ccbar 02-Dec-19 PRL 124, 152001 (2020)
PUB-18/003 Study of Upsilon(1S) radiative decays to gamma pi+pi- and gamma K+K- 12-Apr-18 PRD 97, 112006 (2018)
PUB-18/002 Measurement of cos(2beta) in B0 -> D(*)h0 with D -> K0S pi+ pi- decays by a combined time-dependent Dalitz plot analysis of BaBar and Belle data 18-Apr-18 PRD 98, 112012 (2018)
PUB-18/001 First evidence for cos(2beta) > 0 and resolution of the Cabibbo-Kobayashi-Maskawa quark-mixing unitarity triangle ambiguity 18-Apr-18 PRL 121, 261801 (2018)
PUB-17/004 Search for the decay mode B0 -> p p pbar pbar 29-Mar-18 PRD-RC 98, 071102 (2018)
PUB-17/003 Study of the process e+e- -> pi+pi-eta using initial state radiation 10-Jan-18 PRD 97, 052007 (2018)
PUB-17/002 Measurement of the e+e- -> pi+pi-pi0pi0 cross section using initial-state radiation at BaBar 06-Sep-17 PRD 96, 092009 (2017)
PUB-17/001 Search for invisible decays of a dark photon produced in e+e- collisions at BaBar 14-Feb-17 PRL 119, 131804 (2017)
PUB-16/008 Dalitz plot analyses of J/psi->pi+pi-pi0, J/psi->K+K-pi0 and J/psi->K0s K+ pi- produced via e+e- annihilation with initial-state radiation 06-Feb-17 PRD 95, 072007 (2017)
PUB-16/007 Measurement of the D*(2010)+ -- D+ mass difference 31-Jul-17 PRL 119, 202003 (2017)
PUB-16/006 Measurement of the inclusive electron spectrum from B meson decays and determination of |V_{ub}| 22-Nov-16 PRD 95, 072001 (2017)
PUB-16/005 Measurement of the B^0 -> D*- pi+ pi- pi+ branching fraction 22-Sep-16 PRD-RC 94, 091101 (2016)
PUB-16/004 Cross sections for the reactions e+e- -> KS0 KL0 pi0, KS0 KL0 eta, and KS0 KL0 pi0 pi0 from events with initial-state radiation 02-Feb-17 PRD 95, 052001 (2017)
PUB-16/003 Search for a muonic dark force at BABAR 14-Jun-16 PRD-RC 94, 011102 (2016)
PUB-16/002 Tests of CPT symmetry in B0-B0bar mixing and in B0 -> c cbar K0 decays 16-May-16 PRD-RC 94, 011101 (2016)
PUB-16/001 Search for B+ -> K+ tau+ tau- at the BaBar experiment 17-Jun-16 PRL 118, 031802 (2017)
PUB-15/009 Measurement of the neutral D mixing parameters in a time dependent amplitude analysis of the D0->pi+pi-pi0 decay 05-Apr-16 PRD 93, 112014 (2016)
PUB-15/008 Measurement of the I=1/2 K-pi S-wave amplitude from Dalitz plot analyses of eta_c -> K-Kbar-pi in two-photon interactions 09-Nov-15 PRD 93, 012005 (2016)
PUB-15/007 Observation of B -> D(*)pi+pi-l-nu decays in e+e- collisions at the Y(4S) resonance 31-Jul-15 PRL 116, 041801 (2016)
PUB-15/006 Time dependent analysis of B0 -> KSpi-pi+ gamma decays and studies of the K+pi-pi+ system in B+ -> K+pi-pi+gamma decays 22-Dec-15 PRD 93, 052013 (2016)
PUB-15/005 Measurement of the e+e- -> KS K+ pi- pi0 and e+e- -> KS K+ pi- eta cross sections using initial-state radiation 19-Apr-17 PRD 95, 092005 (2017)
PUB-15/004 Study of the e+e- --> K+K- reaction in the energy range from 2.6 to 8.0 GeV 17-Jul-15 PRD 92, 072008 (2015)
PUB-15/003 First observation of CP violation in B0bar -> D^(*)_{CP}h^0 decays by a combined time-dependent analysis of BaBar and Belle data 15-May-15 PRL 115, 121604 (2015)
PUB-15/002 Measurement of Angular Asymmetries in the Decays B -> K*l+l- 02-Sep-15 PRD 93, 052015 (2016)
PUB-15/001 Collins asymmetries in inclusive charged KK and Kpi pairs produced in e+e- annihilation 24-Jun-15 PRD-RC 92, 111101 (2015)
PUB-14/014 Measurement of the D0 -> pi- e nu differential decay branching fraction as a function of q2 and study of form factor parameterizations 22-Dec-14 PRD 91, 052022 (2015)
PUB-14/013 Measurement of the branching fractions of the radiative leptonic tau decays tau -> e gamma nu anti-nu and tau -> mu gamma nu anti-nu at BaBar 10-Feb-15 PRD-RC 91, 051103 (2015)
PUB-14/012 Search for a light Higgs resonance in radiative decays of the Y(1S) with a charm tag 23-Feb-15 PRD-RC 91, 071102 (2015)
PUB-14/011 Evidence for CP violation in B + rightarrow K*(892)+ pi0 from a Dalitz plot analysis of B+ -> K S pi+ pi0 decays 23-Jun-15 PRD 96, 072001 (2017)
PUB-14/010 Search for long-lived particles in e+e- collisions 10-Feb-15 PRL 114, 171801 (2015)
PUB-14/009 Dalitz plot analyses of B0 -> D- D0 K+ and B+ -> D0bar D0 K+ decays 23-Dec-14 PRD 91, 052002 (2015)
PUB-14/008 Search for new pi0-like particles produced in association with a tau-lepton pair 11-Nov-14 PRD 90, 112011 (2014)
PUB-14/007 Measurement of the ISR-FSR interference in the e+e- -> mu+mu-gamma and e+e- -> pi+pi-gamma processes 01-Sep-15 PRD 92, 072015 (2015)
PUB-14/006 Study of CP asymmetry in B0-B0bar mixing with inclusive dilepton events 10-Nov-14 PRL 114, 081801 (2015)
PUB-14/005 Bottomonium spectroscopy and radiative transitions involving the chi_bJ(1P,2P) states at Babar 15-Oct-14 PRD 90, 112010 (2014)
PUB-14/004 Observation of the baryonic decay B0bar -> Lambda_c^+ pbar K^- K^+ 16-Oct-14 PRD-RC 91, 031102 (2015)
PUB-14/002 Search for a dark photon in e+e- collisions at BABAR 12-Jun-14 PRL 113, 201801 (2014)
PUB-14/001 Cross sections for the reactions e e- -> KS KL, KS KL pi pi-, KS KS pi pi-, and KS KS K K- from events with initial-state radiation 01-Apr-14 PRD 89, 092002 (2014)
PUB-13/021 Dalitz plot analysis of eta_c->K+K-eta and eta_c->K+K-pi0 in two-photon interactions 27-Mar-14 PRD 89, 112004 (2014)
PUB-13/020 Antideuteron production in Y(nS) decays and in e+e- -> qq at 10.58 GeV 18-Mar-14 PRD-RC 89, 111102 (2014)
PUB-13/019 Study of B+-0 -> J/Psi K+K-K+-0 and search for B0 -> J/Psi phi at Babar 31-Jul-14 PRD 91, 012003 (2015)
PUB-13/018 Evidence for the Decay B0 -> omega omega, and Search for B0 -> omega phi 04-Dec-13 PRD-RC 89, 051101 (2014)
PUB-13/017 Measurement of the B->Xs l+l- branching fraction and search for direct CP violation from a sum of exclusive final states 23-Dec-13 PRL 112, 211802 (2014)
PUB-13/016 Search for lepton-number violating B+ -> X- l+ l+ decays 05-Nov-13 PRD-RC 89, 011102 (2014)
PUB-13/015 Measurements of Direct CP Asymmetries in B -> X_s gamma decays using Sum of Exclusive Decays 03-Jun-14 PRD 90, 092001 (2014)
PUB-13/014 Search for the decay B0bar -> Lambda_c^+ p- p+ p- 06-Jan-14 PRD-RC 89, 071102 (2014)
PUB-13/013 Search for a light Higgs decaying to two gluons or ss-bar in the radiative decays of Y(1S) 21-Jul-13 PRD-RC 88, 031701 (2013)
PUB-13/012 Measurement of Collins Asymmetries in inclusive production of pion pairs 24-Sep-13 PRD 90, 052003 (2014)
PUB-13/011 Measurement of the $D^{0}$ Mass 06-Aug-13 PRD-RC 88, 071104 (2013)
PUB-13/010 Measurement of the e+e- --> p anti-p cross section in the energy range from 3 to 6.5 GeV 08-Aug-13 PRD 88, 072009 (2013)
PUB-13/009 The BABAR Detector: Upgrades, Operation and Performance 14-May-13 NIM A729, 615 (2013)
PUB-13/008 Evidence for the baryonic decay B0bar -> D0 Lambda Lambdabar 27-Jan-14 PRD 89, 112002 (2014)
PUB-13/007 Measurement of the B->omega l nu branching fraction with semileptonically tagged B mesons 12-Aug-13 PRD-RC 88, 072006 (2013)
PUB-13/006 Precision Measurement of the Cross Section for $e^+e^-\rightarrow K^+K^-(\gamma)$ with the ISR Method 21-Jun-13 PRD 88, 032013 (2013)
PUB-13/005 Search for CP Violation In Bd Mixing using a Partial Reconstruction of B0->D* X l nu and Kaon Tag 10-May-13 PRL 111, 101802 (2013)
PUB-13/004 D*+ Natural Line Width and D*+, D0 Mass Difference Measurement 23-Apr-13 PRL 111, 111801 (2013)
PUB-13/003 Production of charged pions, kaons and protons in $e^+e^-$ annihilations into hadrons at $\sqrt{s} =$10.54 GeV 13-Jun-13 PRD 88,  032011 (2013)
PUB-13/002 Search for B->K(*)nunu and invisible quarkonium decays 01-Apr-13 PRD 87, 112005 (2013)
PUB-13/001 Measurement of an excess of B->D(*)TauNu decays and implication for charged Higgs bosons 05-Mar-13 PRD 88, 072012 (2013)
PUB-12/033 A Search for the Rare Decays B -> pi l+l- and B -> eta l+l- 01-Apr-13 PRD 88,  032012 (2013)
PUB-12/032 Measurement of the D*(2010)+ natural line width and the D*(2010)+ - D0 mass difference 20-Apr-13 PRD 88, 052003 (2013)
PUB-12/031 Time-Integrated Luminosity Recorded by the BABAR Detector at the PEP-II e+e- Collider 12-Jan-13 NIM A726, 203 (2013)
PUB-12/030 Study of e+e- --> p anti-p via inital-state radiation at BABAR 03-Feb-13 PRD 87, 092005 (2013)
PUB-12/029 Search for CP violation in the decays D+ -> Ks K+, D(s)+ -> Ks K+, and Ds+-> Ks pi+ 14-Dec-12 PRD 87,  052012 (2013)
PUB-12/028 Study of the decay B0bar->LambdaC+ pbar pi+ pi- and its intermediate states 05-Feb-13 PRD 87, 092004 (2013)
PUB-12/027 Search for mixing-induced CP violation using partial reconstruction of B0bar -> D*+ X l- nu and kaon tagging 08-Jun-15 PRD 93, 032001 (2016)
PUB-12/026 Measurement of CP-Violating Asymmetries in B0->(rho-pi)0 using a Time-dependent Dalitz Plot Analysis 15-Apr-13 PRD 88, 012003 (2013)
PUB-12/025 Observation of direct CP violation in the measurement of the Cabibbo-Kobayashi-Maskawa angle gamma with B to D(*)K(*) decays 08-Jan-13 PRD 87,  052015 (2013)
PUB-12/023 Search for di-muon decays of a light CP-odd Higgs boson in radiative Upsilon(1S) decays 02-Oct-12 PRD-RC 87, 031102 (2013)
PUB-12/022 Measurement of time-dependent CP asymmetry of partially reconstructed B0 to D*+D*- decays 08-Aug-12 PRD 86, 112006 (2012)
PUB-12/021 Branching fraction of tau to pi- KS KS decays 02-Aug-12 PRD-RC 86, 092013 (2012)
PUB-12/020 Evidence of B+ -> tau+ nu decays with hadronic B tags 03-Jul-12 PRD-RC 88,  031102 (2013)
PUB-12/019 Search for a low mass scalar Higgs Boson decaying to a tau pair in single-photon decays of Upsilon(1S) 23-Oct-12 PRD-RC 88, 071102 (2013)
PUB-12/018 Measurement of BF(B to Xs-gamma), the B to Xs-gamma photon energy spectrum, and the direct CP asymmetry in B to Xs+d decays 25-Jul-12 PRD 86, 112008 (2012)
PUB-12/017 Measurement of CP Asymmetries and Branching Fractions in Charmless Two-Body B-Meson Decays to Pions and Kaons 19-Jun-12 PRD 87,  052009 (2013)
PUB-12/016 Precision Measurement of the B -> Xs gamma Photon Energy Spectrum, Branching Fraction, and Direct CP Asymmetry ACP(B -> Xs+d gamma) 12-Jul-12 PRL 109, 191801 (2012)
PUB-12/015 Branching fraction measurements of exclusive charmless semileptonic B decays, and determination of Vub. 07-Aug-12 PRD 86, 092004 (2012)
PUB-12/014 Search for direct CP violation in singly-Cabibbo suppressed D+ -> K+K-pi+ decays 11-Dec-12 PRD 87, 052010 (2013)
PUB-12/013 Improved Limits on B0 Decays to Invisible Final States and to nu-nubar-gamma 12-Jun-12 PRD-RC 86, 051105 (2012)
PUB-12/012 Evidence for an excess of B->D(*)tau-nu decays 31-May-12 PRL 109, 101802 (2012)
PUB-12/011 Observation of Time Reversal Violation in the B0 meson system 24-Jul-12 PRL 109, 211801 (2012)
PUB-12/010 Measurement of D0-D0bar Mixing and CP Violation in Two-Body D0 Decays 05-Oct-12 PRD-RC 87, 012004 (2013)
PUB-12/009 Search for the decay modes D0 to e+ e-, D0 to mu+ mu-, and D0 to e+- mu-+, 26-Jun-12 PRD 86, 032001 (2012)
PUB-12/008 Study of high-multiplicity three-prong and five-prong tau decays at BaBar 14-Sep-12 PRD 86, 092010 (2012)
PUB-12/007 Study of the reaction e+e--> Psi(2S)pi+pi- via initial-state radiation at BABAR 29-Nov-12 PRD-RC 89, 111103 (2014)
PUB-12/006 Study of the decay B- -> Sigma_c^++ p- pi- pi-, targeted for PRD-RC 17-Aug-12 PRD-RC 86, 091102 (2012)
PUB-12/005 Branching fraction measurement of B to omega l nu decays 30-May-12 PRD 87, 032004 (2013)
PUB-12/004 Search for resonances decaying to etac pi+ pi- in two-photon interactions 12-Jun-12 PRD-RC 86, 092005 (2012)
PUB-12/003 Precise Measurement of the $e^+e^-\to\pi^+\pi^-(\gamma)$ Cross Section with the Initial State Radiation Method at \babar 14-May-12 PRD 86, 032013 (2012)
PUB-12/002 Measurement of Rate Asymmetries in the Rare Decays B->K(*)l+l- 18-Apr-12 PRD 86, 032012 (2012)
PUB-12/001 Measurement of the X(3915) properties in the gamgam -> J/psi omega process 12-Jul-12 PRD-RC 86, 072002 (2012)
PUB-11/027 Measurement of b to s+gamma using a sum of exclusive final states 11-Jul-12 PRD 86, 052012 (2012)
PUB-11/026 Search for lepton-number violating processes in B+ -> X- l+ l+ 22-Feb-12 PRD-RC 85, 071103 (2012)
PUB-11/025 Search for low-mass dark-sector Higgs bosons 08-Feb-12 PRL 108, 211801 (2012)
PUB-11/024 Study of CP-violation in Dalitz plot analyses of B0 -> K+K-KS, B+- -> K+-K-+K+-, and B+- -> K+-KSKS decays 30-Jan-12 PRD 85, 112010  (2012)
PUB-11/023 Search for the decay modes B+ -> h+ tau ell 12-Apr-12 PRD 86, 012004 (2012)
PUB-11/022 Search for the Z_1(4050)+ and Z_2(4250)+ states in B0bar -> chi_c1 K- pi+ and B+ -> chi_c1 K0_S pi+ 28-Nov-11 PRD D85, 052003 (2012)
PUB-11/021 A Measurement of the Semileptonic Branching Fraction of the B_s Meson 26-Oct-11 PRD-RC 85, 011101 (2012)
PUB-11/020 Amplitude analysis and measurement of the time-dependent CP asymmetry of B0->KsKsKs decays at BaBar 16-Nov-11 PRD 85, 054023 (2012)
PUB-11/019 Search for hadronic decays of a light scalar boson in radiative transitions Upsilon --> gamma A0 18-Aug-11 PRL 107, 221803 (2011)
PUB-11/018 Study of $\Upsilon(3,2S)\to\eta\Upsilon(1S)$ transitions 31-Aug-11 PRD-RC 84, 092003 (2011)
PUB-11/017 Evidence for the h_b(1P) meson in the decay Upsilon(3S)-->pi^0 h_b(1P) 23-Feb-11 PRD-RC 84, 091101 (2011)
PUB-11/016 Measurement of the $\ep\en\to\pi^+\pi^-\pi^+\pi^-$ Cross Section Using Initial State Radiation at Babar 10-Feb-12 PRD 85, 112009 (2012)
PUB-11/015 Measurement of the inclusive branching fraction and CP asymmetry of B+->K+pi0pi0 and intermediate resonant decays 03-Sep-11 PRD 84, 092007 (2011)
PUB-11/014 Determination of |Vub| in charmless semileptonic B-meson decays on the recoil of fully reconstructed B-meson decays 05-Dec-11 PRD 86, 032004 (2012)
PUB-11/013 Updated Measurement of the Branching Fractions of Color-Suppressed Decays B0bar mesons to D(*)0 pi0, eta, omega, and eta_prime and First Measurement of the Polarization for the Decay D*0 omega 29-Jul-11 PRD 84, 112007 (2011)
PUB-11/012 B0bar -> Lambda_c+ Lambdabar K- 16-Aug-11 PRD-RC 84, 071102 (2011)
PUB-11/011 Search for Bbar -> Lambda^+_c X l nubar Decays in Events Tagged by a Fully Reconstructed B Meson 27-Oct-11 PRD-RC 85, 011102 (2012)
PUB-11/010 Exclusive Charmless Two-Body B0 Decays to rho0/f0 K*0 and rho- K*+ 19-Dec-11 PRD 85, 072005 (2012)
PUB-11/009 Search for CP Violation in \tau Decays at \babar 07-Sep-11 PRD-RC 85, 031102 (2012)
PUB-11/008 Search for Rare or Forbidden Semileptonic Charm Decays 25-Jul-11 PRD 84, 072006 (2011)
PUB-11/007 Search for CP violation using T-odd correlations in D+->K+K0spi+pi- and DS+ -> K+K0spi+pi- decays 24-May-11 PRD-RC 84, 031103 (2011)
PUB-11/006 Search for b --> u Transitions in B^{+-} --> [K^{-+} pi^{+-} pi0]_D K^{+-} Decays 22-Apr-11 PRD 84, 012002 (2011)
PUB-11/005 Study of di-pion bottomonium transitions and search for the h_b(1P) state 24-May-11 PRD 84, 011104 (2011)
PUB-11/004 Search for the decay D0->gamma gamma and measurement of D0->pi0 pi0 01-Nov-11 PRD-RC 85, 091107 (2012)
PUB-11/003 Measurements of branching fractions and CP asymmetries and studies of angular distributions for B -> phi phi K decays 26-May-11 PRD 84, 012001 (2011)
PUB-11/002 A study of radiative bottomonium transitions using converted photons 27-Apr-11 PRD 84, 072002 (2011)
PUB-11/001 Cross Sections for the Reactions e+e- --> K+ K- pi+pi-, K+ K- pi0pi0, and K+ K- K+ K- Measured Using Initial-State Radiation 15-Mar-11 PRD 86, 012008 (2012)
PUB-10/032 The Search for the $h_b(1P)$ in $\Upsilon(3S)\rightarrow \pi^0 h_b(1P),$ $h_b(1P)\rightarrow \gamma \eta_b(1S)$ Decay 23-Feb-11 PRD-RC 84, 091101 (2011)
PUB-10/031 Measurement of the D_s1(2536) mass and width 14-Mar-11 PRD 83, 072003 (2011)
PUB-10/030 A search for baryon-number violating decays in B0 --> Lambda_c lepton, B---> Lambda0 lepton- and B---> anti-Lambda0 lepton. 20-Jan-10 PRD-RC D83, 091101 (2011)
PUB-10/029 Measurement of partial branching fractions of inclusive charmless B meson decays to K+, K0, and pi+ 22-Dec-10 PRD-RC 83, 031103 (2011)
PUB-10/028 Measurement of the gamma gamma* --> eta and gamma gamma* --> eta' transition form factors 06-Jan-11 PRD 84, 052001 (2011)
PUB-10/027 Search for CP violation in the decay D+ -> Ks pi+ 29-Nov-10 PRD-RC 83, 071103 (2011)
PUB-10/026 Measurements of branching fractions, polarizations, and direct CP-violation asymmetries in B+ -> rho0 K*+ and B+ -> f0(980)K*+ decays 22-Dec-10 PRD-RC 83, 051101 (2011)
PUB-10/025 Measurement of the B0--> pi- l+ nu and B+ -->eta(') l+ nu Branching Fractions, the B0--> pi- l+ nu and B+ -->eta(') l+ nu Form-Factors Shapes, and Determination of |V_ub| 06-Oct-10 PRD-RC 83, 052011 (2011)
PUB-10/024 Measurement of the Absolute Branching Fractions for Ds^- -> l^- nubar_l and Extraction of the Decay Constant f_Ds 25-Aug-10 PRD-RC 82, 091103 (2010)
PUB-10/023 Search for Production of Invisible Final States in Single-Photon Decays of Upsilon(1S) 27-Jul-10 PRL 107, 021804 (2011)
PUB-10/022 Observation of eta_c(1S) and eta_c(2S) decays to K+ K- pi+ pi- pi0 in two-photon interactions 21-Mar-11 PRD-RC 84, 012004 (2011)
PUB-10/021 Analysis of the D+ -> K- pi+ e+ nu_e decay channel 13-Dec-10 PRD 83, 072001 (2011)
PUB-10/020 Study of the inclusive production of the D\pi and D*\pi final states 13-Sep-10 PRD-RC 82, 111101 (2010)
PUB-10/019 Observation and study of the baryonic B-meson decays B to D(*) p pbar (pi) (pi) 21-Nov-11 PRD 85, 092017 (2012)
PUB-10/018 Measurement of B->D(*)D(*)K Branching Fractions 17-Nov-10 PRD 83, 032004 (2011)
PUB-10/017 A Search for the Decay B^0 -> gamma gamma 13-Oct-10 PRD 83, 032006 (2011)
PUB-10/016 Dalitz analysis of Ds+ --> K+K-pi+ 18-Nov-10 PRD 83, 052001 (2011)
PUB-10/015 Exclusive Production of Ds+Ds-, Ds*+Ds-, and Ds*+Ds*- via e+ e- Annihilation with Initial-State-Radiation 02-Aug-10 PRD 82, 052004 (2010)
PUB-10/014 Studies of tau- -> eta K- nu and tau- -> eta pi-nu at BaBar and a search for a second-class current 17-Nov-10 PRD 83, 032002 (2011)
PUB-10/013 Search for B+ meson decay to a1+ K*0 19-Jul-10 PRD-RC 82, 091101 (2010)
PUB-10/012 Search for f_J(2220) in radiative J psi decays 22-Jul-10 PRL 105, 172001 (2010)
PUB-10/011 Search for the Rare Decays B->K nu nubar 08-Sep-10 PRD 82, 112002 (2010)
PUB-10/010 Observation of the decay B- ->D(*)s+ K- l- nu_l 22-Dec-10 PRL 107, 041804 (2011)
PUB-10/009 Evidence for the decay X(3872)-->J/psi omega 27-May-10 PRD-RC 82, 011101 (2010)
PUB-10/008 Measurement of CP observables in B+- --> D_CP K+- decays and constraints on the CKM angle gamma 06-Jul-10 PRD 82, 072004 (2010)
PUB-10/007 Measurement of b -> d gamma and determination of |Vtd/Vts| 24-May-10 PRD-RC 82, 051101 (2010)
PUB-10/006 Search for b->u transitions in B- -> DK- and B- -> D*K- Decays 22-Jun-10 PRD 82, 072006 (2010)
PUB-10/005 Evidence for direct CP violation in the measurement of the CKM angle gamma with B-+ --> D(*) K(*)-+ decays 06-May-10 PRL 105, 121801 (2010)
PUB-10/004 Measurement of D0-D0bar mixing parameters using D0 --> K0S pi+ pi- and D0 --> K0S pi+ pi- decays 28-Apr-10 PRL 105, 081803 (2010)
PUB-10/003 Charmless Two-Body B Decays to eta' rho and eta' K* 05-Apr-10 PRD-RC 82, 011502 (2010)
PUB-10/002 Observation of the Upsilon(1^3 D_J) bottomonium state through decays to pi+pi- Upsilon(1S) 01-Apr-10 PRD 82, 111102 (2010)
PUB-10/001 Search for B+ -> D+ Ks0 and B+ -> D+ K*0 decays 04-May-10 PRD 82, 092006 (2010)
PUB-09/040 Amplitude Analysis of B0->K+pi-pi0 and Evidence of Direct CP Violation in B-> K^*pi decays 30-Apr-11 PRD 83, 112010 (2011)
PUB-09/039 Search for CP Violation using T-odd correlations in D0->K+K-pi+pi- 17-Mar-10 PRD-RC 81, 111103  (2010)
PUB-09/038 Test of Lepton Universality in Upsilon(1S) decays at BaBar 23-Feb-10 PRL 104, 191801 (2010)
PUB-09/037 Study of B to pi l nu and B to rho l nu Decays and the Determination of |Vub| 18-May-10 PRD 83, 032007 (2011)
PUB-09/036 Observation of the Rare Decay B0 --> KsK+-pi-+ 02-Mar-10 PRD-RC 82, 031101 (2010)
PUB-09/035 Measurement of the Branching Fraction of $\Ds\rightarrow\taup\nut$ and Extraction of the Pseudoscalar Decay Constant $f_{D_s}$ 10-Mar-10 PRD-RC
PUB-09/034 Measurement of the gamma gamma* -> eta_c transition form factor 16-Feb-10 PRD 81, 052010 (2010)
PUB-09/033 Limits on tau Lepton-Flavor Violating Decays in three charged leptons 25-Feb-10 PRD-RC 81, 111101 (2010)
PUB-09/032 Search for charged lepton flavor violation in narrow Upsilon decays 20-Jan-10 PRL 104, 151802 (2010)
PUB-09/031 Observation of $\chi_{c2}^{\prime}$ in the reaction $\gamma\gamma \to D\bar{D}$ 02-Feb-10 PRD 81, 092003 (2010)
PUB-09/030 Observation of inclusive $D^{*\pm}$ production in the decay of $\Upsilon(1S)$ 10-Nov-09 PRD-RC 81, 011102 (2010)
PUB-09/029 A Search for B+ -> l+ nu Recoiling Against B- -> D0 l- nu X 14-Dec-09 PRD-RC 81, 051101 (2010)
PUB-09/028 Observation of the decay B0bar -> LambdaC antiproton pi0 12-Jul-10 PRD-RC 82, 031102 (2010)
PUB-09/027 Precise measurement of the e+e- --> pi+ pi- (gamma) cross section with the initial state radiation method at BaBar 27-Aug-09 PRL 103, 231801 (2009)
PUB-09/026 Searches for Lepton Flavor Violation in the Decays tau -> e gamma and tau -> mu gamma 17-Aug-09 PRL 104, 021802 (2010)
PUB-09/025 Search for the B+ -> K+ nu nubar Decay Using Semi-Leptonic Tags 10-Nov-09 PRD
PUB-09/024 Study of DsJ- decays to D*K in inclusive e+e- interactions 06-Aug-09 PRD 80, 092003 (2009)
PUB-09/023 Measurement of D0-D0bar Mixing using the Ratio of Lifetimes for the Decays D0->K-pi+ and K+K- 05-Aug-09 PRD-RC 80, 071103 (2009)
PUB-09/022 A Search for Invisible Decay of the Upsilon 20-Aug-09 PRL 103, 251801 (2009)
PUB-09/021 Search for B-meson decays to b1 rho and b1 K* 20-Jul-09 PRD-RC 80, 051101 (2009)
PUB-09/020 Measurement of branching fractions of B decays to K1(1270) pi and K1(1400) pi and CKM angle alpha from B0 -> a1(1260)+- pi-+ 14-Sep-09 PRD 81, 052009 (2010)
PUB-09/019 Measurement of CP violation observables and parameters for the decays B+- -> DK*+- 23-Sep-09 PRD 80, 092001 (2009)
PUB-09/018 Measurements of Charged Current Lepton Universality and $|V_{us}|$ using Tau Lepton Decays to e$^-\nueb\nut$, $\mu^-\numb\nut$, $\pi^-\nut$ and $K^- \nut$ 02-Dec-09 PRL 105, 051602 (2010)
PUB-09/017 B meson decays to charmless meson pairs containing eta or eta' mesons 17-Jul-09 PRD 80, 112002 (2009)
PUB-09/016 Measurements of the tau Mass and Mass Difference of the tau+ and tau- at BaBar 18-Sep-09 PRD 80, 092005 (2009)
PUB-09/015 Search for Dimuon Decays of a Light Scalar in Radiative Transitions Y->gamma A0 27-May-09 PRL 103, 081803 (2009)
PUB-09/014 Observation of the baryonic B-decay B0bar -> Lambda_c+ pbar K- pi+ 27-Jul-09 PRD-RC 80, 051105 (2009)
PUB-09/013 Search for low-mass Higgs boson in the radiative decays Y(3S)-->gamma A^0, A^0-->tau+ tau- 15-Jun-09 PRL 103, 181801 (2009)
PUB-09/012 Model-independent search for the decay B -> l nu gamma 29-Sep-09 PRD-RC 80, 111105 (2009)
PUB-09/011 Observation and Polarization Measurement of B0 --> a1(1260)+ a1(1260)- Decay 13-Jul-09 PRD 80, 092007 (2009)
PUB-09/010 Measurement of Branching Fractions and CP and Isospin Asymmetries in B -> K*(892) gamma Decays 12-Jun-09 PRL 103, 211802 (2009)
PUB-09/009 Measurement of |V_cb| and the Form-Factor Slope in Bbar -> D l- nubar Decays in Events Tagged by a Fully Reconstructed B Meson 26-Apr-09 PRL 104, 011802 (2010)
PUB-09/008 Search for the Rare Leptonic Decays B+ -> l+ nu (l=e,mu) 06-Mar-09 PRD-RC 79, 091101 (2009)
PUB-09/007 Search for B0 meson decays to pi0 K0_S K0_S, eta K0_S K0_S, and eta' K0_S K0_S 06-May-09 PRD-RC 80, 011101 (2009)
PUB-09/006 Measurement of the gamma gamma* -> pi0 transition form factor 28-May-09 PRD 80, 052002 (2009)
PUB-09/005 Search for Second-Class Currents in $\tau^-\to\omega\pi^-\nu_\tau$ 20-Apr-09 PRL 103, 041802 (2009)
PUB-09/004 Measurement and interpretation of moments in inclusive semileptonic decays Bbar --> X_c l- nubar 06-Aug-09 PRD 81, 032003 (2010)
PUB-09/003 Measurement of the Branching Fraction and Lambda-bar Polarization in B0 -> Lambda-bar p pi- 30-Apr-09 PRD 79, 112009 (2009)
PUB-09/002 Improved Limits on Lepton Flavor Violating Tau Decays to l phi, l rho, l K*, and l K*bar 06-Apr-09 PRL 103, 021801 (2009)
PUB-09/001 Time-dependent amplitude analysis of B0->K0_S pi+ pi- 25-May-09 PRD 80, 112001 (2009)
PUB-08/057 Exclusive Initial-State-Radiation Production of the D Dbar, D* Dbar, and D*Dbar* Systems. 09-Mar-09 PRD 79, 092001 (2009)
PUB-08/056 Observation of B meson decays to omega K* and improved measurements for omega rho and omega f_0 26-Jan-09 PRD 79, 052005 (2009)
PUB-08/055 Measurement of Time-Dependent CP Asymmetry in B0->c cbar K(*)0 decays 10-Feb-09 PRD 79, 072009 (2009)
PUB-08/054 Dalitz Plot Analysis of B+/- --> pi+/-pi+/-pi-/+ Decays 13-Feb-09 PRD 79, 072006 (2009)
PUB-08/053 Improved Measurement of B+ -> rho+ rho0 and Determination of the Quark-Mixing Phase Angle alpha 22-Jan-09 PRL 102, 141802 (2009)
PUB-08/052 Evidence for the eta_b(1S) Meson in Radiative Upsilon(2S) Decay 06-Mar-09 PRL 103, 161801 (2009)
PUB-08/051 Study of the reaction$e^+e^\to J/\psi \pi^+\pi^-$ via initial-state radiation at BABAR 11-Apr-12 PRD-RC 86, 051102 (2012)
PUB-08/050 Evidence for B+ -> Kbar*0 K*+ 12-Jan-09 PRD-RC 79, 051102 (2009)
PUB-08/049 Dalitz plot analysis of Ds+-> pi+pi-pi+ 10-Dec-08 PRD 79, 032003 (2009)
PUB-08/048 Dalitz Plot Analysis of B- --> D+ pi- pi- 11-Jan-09 PRD 79, 112004 (2009)
PUB-08/047 Measurement of the Semileptonic Decays B->Dtaunu and D*taunu 16-Feb-09 PRD 79, 092002 (2009)
PUB-08/046 Search for the decay B+ -> K0S K0S pi+ 12-Nov-08 PRD-RC 79, 051101 (2009)
PUB-08/045 Search for the Z(4430)+ at BABAR 05-Nov-08 PRD 79, 112001 (2009)
PUB-08/044 Search for Lepton Flavour Violating Decays tau- -> l- K0S with the BABAR Experiment 22-Dec-08 PRD 79, 012004 (2009)
PUB-08/043 Measurement of Semileptonic B Decays into Orbitally-Excited Charmed Mesons 05-Aug-08 PRL 103, 051803 (2009)
PUB-08/042 Measurement of the e+ e- -> b bbar Cross Section between sqrt(s) = 10.54 and 11.20 GeV 26-Sep-08 PRL 102, 012001 (2009)
PUB-08/041 Measurement of time dependent CP asymmetry parameters in B0 meson decays to omega K0S, eta' K0, and pi0 K0S 08-Sep-08 PRD 79, 052003 (2009)
PUB-08/040 Search for B -> K* nu nubar decays 12-Aug-08 PRD 78, 072007 (2008)
PUB-08/039 Measurements of time-dependent CP asymmetries in B0 -> D(*)+ D(*)- decays 14-Aug-08 PRD 79, 032002 (2009)
PUB-08/038 Measurement of the B+ -> omega l+ nu and B+ -> eta l+ nu branching fractions 28-Aug-08 PRD-RC 79, 052011 (2009)
PUB-08/037 Search for b -> u transitions in B0 -> D0bar (D0) K*0 decays 15-Apr-09 PRD-RC 80, 031102 (2009)
PUB-08/036 Time-dependent and time-integrated angular analysis of B -> phi K0S pi0 and phi K+- pi-+ 26-Aug-08 PRD 78, 092008 (2008)
PUB-08/035 Measurement of B -> X gamma Decays and Determination of |V_td/V_ts| 01-Aug-08 PRL 102, 161803 (2009)
PUB-08/034 Observation of B0 -> chi_c0 K*0 and evidence for B+ -> chi_c0 K*+ 11-Aug-08 PRD-RC 78, 091101  (2008)
PUB-08/033 Search for the highly suppressed decays B- -> K+ pi- pi- and B- -> K- K- pi+ 07-Aug-08 PRD-RC 78, 091102 (2008)
PUB-08/032 Measurement of the branching fractions of the radiative charm decays D0 -> Kbar*0 gamma and D0->phi gamma 13-Aug-08 PRD-RC 78, 071101 (2008)
PUB-08/031 Measurement of the branching fraction, polarization, and CP asymmetries in B0 -> rho0 rho0 decay, and implications for the CKM angle alpha 30-Jul-08 PRD-RC 78, 071104 (2008)
PUB-08/030 Evidence for X(3872) -> psi(2S) gamma in B+/- -> X(3872) K+/- Decays, and a Study of B -> ccbar gamma K 02-Sep-08 PRL 102, 132001 (2009)
PUB-08/029 Observation of the Bottomonium Ground State in the Decay Y(3S) -> gamma eta_b 07-Jul-08 PRL 101, 071801 (2008)
PUB-08/028 Measurement of the Branching Fractions of Bbar -> D** l- nubar_l Decays in Events Tagged by a Fully Reconstructed B Meson 04-Aug-08 PRL 101, 261802 (2008)
PUB-08/027 Measurements of the semileptonic decays Bbar -> D l nubar and Bbar -> D* l nubar using a global fit to D X l nubar final states 08-Sep-08 PRD 79, 012002 (2009)
PUB-08/026 Measurements of D0-D0bar Mixing from a Time-Dependent Amplitude Analysis of D0 -> K- pi+ pi0 Decays 28-Jul-08 PRL 103, 211801 (2009)
PUB-08/025 Measurement of time-dependent CP asymmetry in B0 -> K0S pi0 gamma decays 19-Jul-08 PRD-RC 78, 071102 (2008)
PUB-08/024 Measurements of branching fractions for B+ -> rho+ gamma, B0 -> rho0 gamma, and B0 -> omega gamma 09-Aug-08 PRD 78, 112001 (2008)
PUB-08/023 Searches for B Meson Decays to phi phi, phi rho, phi f0(980), and f0(980) f0(980) Final States 24-Jul-08 PRL 101, 201801 (2008)
PUB-08/022 Direct CP, Lepton Flavor and Isospin Asymmetries in the Decays B -> K(*) l+ l- 25-Jul-08 PRL 102, 091803 (2009)
PUB-08/021 Observation and Polarization Measurements of B+- -> phi K1+- and B+- -> phi K*2+- 27-Jun-08 PRL 101, 161801 (2008)
PUB-08/020 Study of hadronic transitions between Upsilon states and observation of Upsilon(4S) -> eta Upsilon(1S) decay 13-Jul-08 PRD 78, 112002 (2008)
PUB-08/019 Search for B0 -> K*+ K*- 30-Jun-08 PRD-RC 78, 051103 (2008)
PUB-08/018 Observation of e+ e- -> rho+ rho- near sqrt(s) = 10.58 GeV 24-Jun-08 PRD-RC 78, 071103 (2008)
PUB-08/017 Measurement of ratios of branching fractions and CP-violating asymmetries of B+- -> D* K+- decays 16-Jul-08 PRD 78, 092002 (2008)
PUB-08/016 Measurements of B(B0bar -> Lambda_c+ pbar) and B(B- -> Lambda_c+ pbar pi-) and studies of Lambda_c+ pi- resonances 31-Jul-08 PRD 78, 112003 (2008)
PUB-08/015 Observation of B+ -> b_1+ K0 and search for B-meson decays to b_10 K0 and b_1 pi0 09-May-08 PRD-RC 78, 011104 (2008)
PUB-08/014 Study of the decay Ds+ -> K+ K- e+ nu_e 15-Jul-08 PRD-RC 78, 051101 (2008)
PUB-08/013 Measurements of B -> {pi, eta, eta'} l nu_l Branching Fractions and Determination of |V_ub| with Semileptonically Tagged B Mesons 15-May-08 PRL 101, 081801 (2008)
PUB-08/012 Branching fractions and CP-violating asymmetries in radiative B decays to eta K gamma 12-May-08 PRD-RC 79, 011102 (2009)
PUB-08/011 Observation of B+ -> eta rho+ and search for B0 decays to eta' eta, eta pi0, eta' pi0, and omega pi0 16-Apr-08 PRD-RC 78, 011107 (2008)
PUB-08/010 Evidence for CP Violation in B0 -> J/psi pi0 Decays 04-Apr-08 PRL 101, 021801 (2008)
PUB-08/009 Measurement of the branching fractions of the rare decays B0 -> Ds(*)+ pi-, B0 -> Ds(*)+ rho-, and B0 -> Ds(*)- K(*)+ 29-Mar-08 PRD 78, 032005 (2008)
PUB-08/008 Study of B-meson decays to etac K(*), etac(2S) K(*) and etac gamma K(*) 08-Apr-08 PRD 78, 012006 (2008)
PUB-08/007 Study of B -> X(3872) K, with X(3872) -> J/psi pi+ pi- 20-Mar-08 PRD-RC 77, 111101 (2008)
PUB-08/006 Improved measurement of the CKM angle gamma in B-+ -> D(*) K(*)-+ decays with a Dalitz plot analysis of D decays to K0S pi+ pi- and K0S K+ K- 13-Apr-08 PRD 78, 034023 (2008)
PUB-08/005 Evidence for direct CP violation from Dalitz-plot analysis of B+- -> K+- pi-+ pi+- 31-Mar-08 PRD 78, 012004 (2008)
PUB-08/004 Measurement of the CP Asymmetry in b -> s gamma Using a Sum of Exclusive Final States 30-May-08 PRL 101, 171804 (2008)
PUB-08/003 Improved measurement of CP observables in B+- -> D0_CP K+- decays 28-Feb-08 PRD-RC 77, 111102 (2008)
PUB-08/002 Measurement of the mass difference m(B0) - m(B+) 06-May-08 PRD-RC 78, 011103 (2008)
PUB-08/001 Angular distributions in the decay B -> K* l+ l- 28-Apr-08 PRD-RC 79, 031102 (2009)
PUB-07/074 Search for CP violation in neutral D meson Cabibbo-suppressed three-body decays 27-Feb-08 PRD-RC 78, 051102 (2008)
PUB-07/073 Measurement of the spin of the Xi(1530) resonance 12-Mar-08 PRD 78, 034008 (2008)
PUB-07/072 Constraints on the CKM angle gamma in B0 -> D0bar (D0) K*0 from a Dalitz analysis of D0 -> K0S pi+ pi- 15-May-08 PRD 79, 072003 (2009)
PUB-07/071 Measurement of the Branching Fractions of Exclusive Bbar -> D(*) (pi) l- nubar_l Decays in Events with a Fully Reconstructed B Meson 20-Dec-07 PRL 100, 151802 (2008)
PUB-07/070 Measurement of the Decay B- -> D*0 e- nubar_e 14-Jan-08 PRL 100, 231803 (2008)
PUB-07/069 Searches for the decays B0 -> l+- tau-+ and B+ -> l+ nu (l = e, mu) using hadronic tag reconstruction 07-Jan-08 PRD-RC 77, 091104 (2008)
PUB-07/068 Measurement of D0-D0bar mixing using the ratio of lifetimes for the decays D0 -> K- pi+, K- K+, and pi- pi+ 20-Dec-07 PRD-RC 78, 011105 (2008)
PUB-07/067 Measurement of the B -> Xs gamma branching fraction and photon energy spectrum using the recoil method 29-Nov-07 PRD-RC 77, 051103 (2008)
PUB-07/066 Dalitz plot analysis of the decay B0 (B0bar) -> K+- pi-+ pi0 28-Nov-07 PRD 78, 052005 (2008)
PUB-07/065 Time-dependent Dalitz plot analysis of B0 -> D-+ K0 pi+- decays 23-Dec-07 PRD-RC 77, 071102 (2008)
PUB-07/064 Search for Lepton Flavor Violating Decays tau+- -> l+- omega 06-Nov-07 PRL 100, 071802 (2008)
PUB-07/063 Search for CPT and Lorentz Violation in B0-B0bar Oscillations with Dilepton Events 19-Nov-07 PRL 100, 131802 (2008)
PUB-07/062 Observation of the Semileptonic Decays B -> D* tau- nubar_tau and Evidence for B -> D tau- nubar_tau 11-Sep-07 PRL 100, 021801 (2008)
PUB-07/061 Measurement of the tau- -> eta pi- pi+ pi- nu_tau branching fraction and a search for a second-class current in the tau- -> eta'(958) pi- nu_tau decay 14-Mar-08 PRD 77, 112002 (2008)
PUB-07/060 Study of the exclusive initial-state-radiation production of the D Dbar system 06-Oct-07 PRD-RC 76, 111105 (2007)
PUB-07/059 Improved Limits on the Lepton-Flavor Violating Decays tau- -> l- l+ l- 27-Aug-07 PRL 99, 251803 (2007)
PUB-07/058 Search for CP Violation in the Decays D0 -> K- K+ and D0 -> pi- pi+ 31-Aug-07 PRL 100, 061803 (2008)
PUB-07/057 Search for decays of B0 mesons into e+ e-, mu+ mu-, and e+- mu-+ final states 10-Dec-07 PRD 77, 032007 (2008)
PUB-07/056 Observation of B+ -> a1+(1260) K0 and B0 -> a1-(1260) K+ 27-Sep-07 PRL 100, 051803 (2008)
PUB-07/055 Measurements of the branching fractions of B0 -> K*0 K+ K-, B0 -> K*0 pi+ K-, B0 -> K*0 K+ pi-, and B0 -> K*0 pi+ pi- 19-Aug-07 PRD-RC 76, 071104 (2007)
PUB-07/054 Study of e+e- -> Lambda anti-Lambda, Lambda anti-Sigma0, Sigma0 anti-Sigma0 using initial state radiation with BABAR 12-Sep-07 PRD 76, 092006 (2007)
PUB-07/053 Study of Bbar -> Xi_c Lambdabar_c- and Bbar -> Lambda_c+ Lambdabar_c- Kbar decays at BABAR 01-Nov-07 PRD-RC 77, 031101 (2008)
PUB-07/052 Measurements of e+ e- -> K+ K- eta, K+ K- pi0 and K0S K+- pi-+ cross sections using initial state radiation events 28-Oct-07 PRD 77, 092002 (2008)
PUB-07/051 Measurements of Partial Branching Fractions for Bbar -> Xu l nubar and Determination of |V_ub| 28-Aug-07 PRL 100, 171802 (2008)
PUB-07/050 Observation of B0 -> K*0 Kbar*0 and Search for B0 -> K*0 K*0 16-Aug-07 PRL 100, 081801 (2008)
PUB-07/049 Study of resonances in exclusive B decays to Dbar(*) D(*) K 11-Aug-07 PRD-RC 77, 011102 (2008)
PUB-07/048 Improved measurement of time-dependent CP asymmetries and the CP-odd fraction in the decay B0 -> D*+ D*- 11-Aug-07 PRD-RC 76, 111102 (2007)
PUB-07/047 Measurement of cos2beta in B0 -> D(*) h0 Decays with a Time-Dependent Dalitz Plot Analysis of D -> K0S pi+ pi- 11-Aug-07 PRL 99, 231802 (2007)
PUB-07/046 Search for B+ -> tau+ nu decays with hadronic B tags 17-Aug-07 PRD-RC 77, 011107 (2008)
PUB-07/045 The e+ e- -> 2(pi+pi-) pi0, 2(pi+pi-) eta, K+ K- pi+ pi- pi0 and K+ K- pi+ pi- eta cross sections measured with initial-state radiation 21-Aug-07 PRD 76, 092005 (2007)
PUB-07/044 Observation of Y(3940) -> J/psi omega in B -> J/psi omega K at BABAR 14-Nov-07 PRL 101, 082001 (2008)
PUB-07/043 Study of B Meson Decays with Excited eta and eta' Mesons 02-Apr-08 PRL 101, 091801 (2008)
PUB-07/042 Study of excited charm-strange baryons with evidence for new baryons Xi_c(3055)+ and Xi_c(3123)+ 30-Oct-07 PRD 77, 012002 (2008)
PUB-07/041 Observation of the Decay B+ -> K+ K- pi+ 03-Aug-07 PRL 99, 221801 (2007)
PUB-07/040 Search for the Decay B+ -> K+ tau-+ mu+- 09-Aug-07 PRL 99, 201801 (2007)
PUB-07/039 Study of B0 -> pi0 pi0, B+- -> pi+- pi0, and B+- -> K+- pi0 decays, and isospin analysis of B -> pi pi decays 18-Jul-07 PRD-RC 76, 091102 (2007)
PUB-07/038 Measurement of the CP-violating asymmetries in B0 -> K0S pi0 and of the branching fraction B0 -> K0 pi0 20-Jul-07 PRD 77, 012003 (2008)
PUB-07/037 Observation of B Meson Decays to b1 pi and b1 K 01-Aug-07 PRL 99, 241803 (2007)
PUB-07/036 Measurement of the tau- -> K- pi0 nu_tau branching fraction 18-Jul-07 PRD-RC 76, 051104 (2007)
PUB-07/035 Search for the rare charmless hadronic decay B+ -> a0+ pi0 09-Aug-07 PRD-RC 77, 011101 (2008)
PUB-07/034 Evidence for Charged B Meson Decays to a1+-(1260) pi0 and a10(1260) pi+- 01-Aug-07 PRL 99, 261801 (2007)
PUB-07/033 Search for the decays B0 -> e+ e- gamma and B0 -> mu+ mu- gamma 19-Jun-07 PRD-RC 77, 011104 (2008)
PUB-07/032 Branching fraction and CP-violation charge asymmetry measurements for B-meson decays to eta K+-, eta pi+-, eta' K, eta' pi+-, omega K, and omega pi+- 26-Jun-07 PRD-RC 76, 031103 (2007)
PUB-07/031 Evidence for the B0 -> p pbar K*0 and B+ -> etac K*+ decays and study of the decay dynamics of B meson decays into p pbar h final states 11-Jul-07 PRD 76, 092004 (2007)
PUB-07/030 Search for b -> u transitions in B- -> [K+pi-pi0]_D K- 02-Aug-07 PRD-RC 76, 111101 (2007)
PUB-07/029 Measurements of CP-Violating Asymmetries in the Decay B0 -> K+ K- K0 26-Jun-07 PRL 99, 161802 (2007)
PUB-07/028 Search for prompt production of chi_c and X(3872) in e+ e- annihilations 12-Jul-07 PRD-RC 76, 071102 (2007)
PUB-07/027 Correlated Leading Baryon-Antibaryon Production in e+ e- -> c cbar -> Lambda_c+ Lambdabar_c- X 11-Jun-10 PRD-RC 82, 091102 (2010)
PUB-07/026 Amplitude Analysis of the B+- -> phi K*(892)+- Decay 12-May-07 PRL 99, 201802 (2007)
PUB-07/025 Observation of Tree-Level B Decays with s sbar Production from Gluon Radiation 06-Jul-07 PRL 100, 171803 (2008)
PUB-07/024 Measurement of CP-Violating Asymmetries in B0 -> D(*)+- D-+ 08-May-07 PRL 99, 071801 (2007)
PUB-07/023 Search for B0 -> phi (K+pi-) decays with large K+pi- invariant mass 02-May-07 PRD-RC 76, 051103 (2007)
PUB-07/022 Amplitude analysis of the decay D0 -> K- K+ pi0 26-Apr-07 PRD-RC 76, 011102 (2007)
PUB-07/021 e+ e- -> K+ K- pi+ pi-, K+ K- pi0 pi0 and K+ K- K+ K- cross sections measured with initial-state radiation 01-May-07 PRD 76, 012008 (2007)
PUB-07/020 Search for neutral B-meson decays to a0 pi, a0 K, eta rho0, and eta f0 27-Mar-07 PRD-RC 75, 111102 (2007)
PUB-07/019 Evidence for D0-D0bar Mixing 09-Mar-07 PRL 98, 211802 (2007)
PUB-07/018 Improved Measurement of CP Violation in Neutral B Decays to c cbar s 12-Mar-07 PRL 99, 171803 (2007)
PUB-07/017 Branching fraction and charge asymmetry measurements in B -> J/psi pi pi decays 10-Apr-07 PRD-RC 76, 031101 (2007)
PUB-07/016 Search for D0-D0bar mixing using doubly flavor tagged semileptonic decay modes 09-May-07 PRD 76, 014018 (2007)
PUB-07/015 Measurement of the hadronic form factor in D0 -> K- e+ nu_e decays 31-Mar-07 PRD 76, 052005 (2007)
PUB-07/014 Study of B0 -> rho+ rho- decays and constraints on the CKM angle alpha 15-May-07 PRD 76, 052007 (2007)
PUB-07/013 Observation of CP Violation in B0 -> K+ pi- and B0 -> pi+ pi- 08-Mar-07 PRL 99, 021603 (2007)
PUB-07/012 Measurement of the relative branching fractions of Bbar -> D / D* / D** l- nubar_l decays in events with a fully reconstructed B meson 16-Mar-07 PRD-RC 76, 051101 (2007)
PUB-07/011 Measurement of the Absolute Branching Fraction of D0 -> K- pi+ 18-Apr-07 PRL 100, 051802 (2008)
PUB-07/010 Production and Decay of Omega_c0 17-Mar-07 PRL 99, 062001 (2007)
PUB-07/009 Measurement of decay amplitudes of B -> J/psi K*, psi(2S) K*, and chi_c1 K* with an angular analysis 05-Apr-07 PRD-RC 76, 031102 (2007)
PUB-07/008 Determination of the form factors for the decay B0 -> D*- l+ nu_l and of the CKM matrix element |V_cb| 30-May-07 PRD 77, 032002 (2008)
PUB-07/007 Search for B+ -> tau+ nu 14-May-07 PRD 76, 052002 (2007)
PUB-07/006 Measurement of the Time-Dependent CP Asymmetry in B0 -> D(*)_CP h0 Decays 09-Mar-07 PRL 99, 081801 (2007)
PUB-07/005 Observation of B+ -> rho+ K0 and measurement of its branching fraction and charge asymmetry 26-Feb-07 PRD-RC 76, 011103 (2007)
PUB-07/004 Search for the decay B+ -> Kbar*0(892) K+ 08-Jun-07 PRD-RC 76, 071103 (2007)
PUB-07/003 Measurement of CP-violating asymmetries in B0 -> (rho pi)0 using a time-dependent Dalitz plot analysis 03-Mar-07 PRD 76, 012004 (2007)
PUB-07/002 Search for the Rare Decay B -> pi l+ l- 09-Mar-07 PRL 99, 051801 (2007)
PUB-07/001 Measurement of CP asymmetries in B0 -> K0S K0S K0S decays 27-Feb-07 PRD-RC 76, 091101 (2007)
PUB-06/073 Measurement of CP Violation Parameters with a Dalitz Plot Analysis of B+- -> D_{pi+pi-pi0} K+- 23-Mar-07 PRL 99, 251801 (2007)
PUB-06/072 Evidence for B0 -> rho0 rho0 Decays and Implications for the Cabibbo-Kobayashi-Maskawa Angle alpha 11-Dec-06 PRL 98, 111801 (2007)
PUB-06/071 Measurements of CP-Violating Asymmetries in B0 -> a1+-(1260) pi-+ Decays 21-Dec-06 PRL 98, 181803 (2007)
PUB-06/070 Branching Fraction Measurements of B+ -> rho+ gamma, B0 -> rho0 gamma, and B0 -> omega gamma 11-Dec-06 PRL 98, 151802 (2007)
PUB-06/069 Measurement of the B0 -> pi- l+ nu Form-Factor Shape and Branching Fraction, and Determination of |V_ub| with a Loose Neutrino Reconstruction Technique 12-Dec-06 PRL 98, 091801 (2007)
PUB-06/068 Measurement of CP asymmetry in B0 -> K0S pi0 pi0 decays 05-Feb-07 PRD-RC 76, 071101 (2007)
PUB-06/067 Search for the Radiative Leptonic Decay B+ -> gamma l+ nu_l 11-Apr-07 PRL
PUB-06/066 Evidence for the Rare Decay B+ -> Ds+ pi0 16-Nov-06 PRL 98, 171801 (2007)
PUB-06/065 Observation of the exclusive reaction e+ e- -> phi eta at sqrt(s) = 10.58 GeV 15-Nov-06 PRD-RC 74, 111103 (2006)
PUB-06/064 Vector-Tensor and Vector-Vector Decay Amplitude Analysis of B0 -> phi K*0 24-Oct-06 PRL 98, 051801 (2007)
PUB-06/063 Observation of CP Violation in B0 -> eta' K0 Decays 22-Sep-06 PRL 98, 031801 (2007)
PUB-06/062 Measurement of B decays to phi K gamma 23-Nov-06 PRD-RC 75, 051102 (2007)
PUB-06/061 Search for Lepton Flavor Violating Decays tau+- -> l+- pi0, l+- eta, l+- eta' 23-Oct-06 PRL 98, 061803 (2007)
PUB-06/060 Exclusive Branching-Fraction Measurements of Semileptonic tau Decays into Three Charged Hadrons, into phi pi- nu_tau, and into phi K- nu_tau 19-Jul-07 PRL 100, 011801 (2008)
PUB-06/059 Measurement of the B+- -> rho+- pi0 branching fraction and direct CP asymmetry 22-Jan-07 PRD-RC 75, 091103 (2007)
PUB-06/058 Observation of B+ -> K0bar K+ and B0 -> K0 K0bar 12-Aug-06 PRL 97, 171805 (2006)
PUB-06/057 Measurement of the absolute branching fractions B -> D pi, D* pi, D** pi with a missing mass method 20-Sep-06 PRD-RC 74, 111102 (2006)
PUB-06/056 Structure at 2175 MeV in e+ e- -> phi f0(980) observed via initial-state radiation 10-Oct-06 PRD-RC 74, 091103 (2006)
PUB-06/055 Observation of an Excited Charm Baryon Omega_c* Decaying to Omega_c0 gamma 25-Aug-06 PRL 97, 232001 (2006)
PUB-06/054 Inclusive Lambda_c+ production in e+e- annihilations at sqrt(s) = 10.54 GeV and in Upsilon(4S) decays 05-Sep-06 PRD 75, 012003 (2007)
PUB-06/053 Measurement of Branching Fractions and Charge Asymmetries in B Decays to an eta Meson and a K* Meson 02-Aug-06 PRL 97, 201802 (2006)
PUB-06/052 Measurements of Branching Fraction, Polarization, and Charge Asymmetry of B+- -> rho+- rho0 and a Search for B+- -> rho+- f0(980) 28-Jul-06 PRL 97, 261801 (2006)
PUB-06/051 Searches for B0 decays to eta K0, eta eta, eta' eta', eta phi, and eta' phi 26-Jul-06 PRD-RC 74, 051106 (2006)
PUB-06/050 Measurements of Branching Fractions, Polarizations, and Direct CP-Violation Asymmetries in B -> rho K* and B -> f0(980) K* Decays 27-Jul-06 PRL 97, 201801 (2006)
PUB-06/049 Search for D0-D0bar Mixing and Branching-Ratio Measurement in the Decay D0 -> K+ pi- pi0 02-Aug-06 PRL 97, 221803 (2006)
PUB-06/048 Precise branching ratio measurements of the decays D0 -> pi- pi+ pi0 and D0 -> K- K+ pi0 relative to the D0 -> K- pi+ pi0 decay 03-Aug-06 PRD-RC 74, 091102 (2006)
PUB-06/047 Improved measurements of the branching fractions for B0 -> pi+ pi- and B0 -> K+ pi-, and a search for B0 -> K+ K- 02-Aug-06 PRD 75, 012008 (2007)
PUB-06/046 Branching fraction measurement of B0bar -> D(*)+ pi- and B- -> D(*)0 pi- and isospin analysis of Bbar -> D(*) pi decays 10-Oct-06 PRD-RC 75, 031101 (2007)
PUB-06/045 Observation of B -> eta' K* and Evidence for B+ -> eta' rho+ 01-Aug-06 PRL 98, 051802 (2007)
PUB-06/044 Observation of a New Ds Meson Decaying to DK at a Mass of 2.86 GeV/c^2 27-Jul-06 PRL 97, 222001 (2006)
PUB-06/043 Branching fraction measurements of charged B decays to K*+ K+ K-, K*+ pi+ K-, K*+ K+ pi- and K*+ pi+ pi- final states 31-Jul-06 PRD-RC 74, 051104 (2006)
PUB-06/042 Observation of B+ -> phi phi K+ and Evidence for B0 -> phi phi K0 below etac Threshold 16-Sep-06 PRL 97, 261803 (2006)
PUB-06/041 Search for B+ -> X(3872) K+, X(3872) -> J/psi gamma 25-Jul-06 PRD-RC 74, 071101 (2006)
PUB-06/040 Measurement of the B -> pi l nu Branching Fraction and Determination of |V_ub| with Tagged B Mesons 08-Aug-06 PRL 97, 211801 (2006)
PUB-06/039 Measurement of the CP Asymmetry and Branching Fraction of B0 -> rho0 K0 18-Aug-06 PRL 98, 051803 (2007)
PUB-06/038 Evidence of a Broad Structure at an Invariant Mass of 4.32 GeV/c^2 in the Reaction e+ e- -> pi+ pi- psi(2S) Measured at BABAR 21-Oct-06 PRL 98, 212001 (2007)
PUB-06/037 Measurement of the Branching Fraction and Photon Energy Moments of B -> Xs gamma and A_CP(B->X_(s+d)gamma) 26-Jul-06 PRL 97, 171803 (2006)
PUB-06/036 Measurement of the ratio B (B+ -> X e nu) / B (B0 -> X e nu) 10-Aug-06 PRD-RC 74, 091105 (2006)
PUB-06/035 Observation of e+e- Annihilation into the C=+1 Hadronic Final States rho0 rho0 and phi rho0 22-Jun-06 PRL 97, 112002 (2006)
PUB-06/034 Measurement of the Spin of the Omega- Hyperon 16-Jun-06 PRL 97, 112001 (2006)
PUB-06/033 Search for the decay of a B0 or B0bar meson to K*0bar K0 or K*0 K0bar 22-Jun-06 PRD 74, 072008 (2006)
PUB-06/032 Search for the decay B0 -> K0S K0S K0L 15-Jun-06 PRD 74, 032005 (2006)
PUB-06/031 Search for doubly charmed baryons Xi_cc^+ and Xi_cc^++ in BABAR 18-May-06 PRD-RC 74, 011103 (2006)
PUB-06/030 Measurement of the D+ -> pi+ pi0 and D+ -> K+ pi0 branching fractions 16-May-06 PRD-RC 74, 011107 (2006)
PUB-06/029 B meson decays to omega K*, omega rho, omega omega, omega phi, and omega f0 09-May-06 PRD-RC 74, 051102 (2006)
PUB-06/028 Search for B meson decays to eta' eta' K 02-May-06 PRD-RC 74, 031105 (2006)
PUB-06/027 Observation of Upsilon(4S) Decays to pi+ pi- Upsilon(1S) and pi+ pi- Upsilon(2S) 14-Apr-06 PRL 96, 232001 (2006)
PUB-06/026 Observation of Decays B0 -> Ds(*)+ pi- and B0 -> Ds(*)- K+ 05-Apr-06 PRL 98, 081801 (2007)
PUB-06/025 Study of the DsJ*(2317)+ and DsJ(2460)+ mesons in inclusive c cbar production near sqrt(s) = 10.6 GeV 14-Apr-06 PRD 74, 032007 (2006)
PUB-06/024 Measurement of the eta and eta' transition form factors at q^2 = 112 GeV^2 06-May-06 PRD 74, 012002 (2006)
PUB-06/023 Measurement of the branching fraction and time-dependent CP asymmetry in the decay B0 -> D*+ D*- K0S 07-Aug-06 PRD-RC 74, 091101 (2006)
PUB-06/022 Search for B+ -> phi pi+ and B0 -> phi pi0 decays 12-May-06 PRD-RC 74, 011102 (2006)
PUB-06/021 Study of the decay B0bar -> D*+ omega pi- 04-Apr-06 PRD 74, 012001 (2006)
PUB-06/020 Study of inclusive B- and B0bar decays to flavor-tagged D, Ds and Lambda_c+ 13-Jun-06 PRD 75, 072002 (2007)
PUB-06/019 Observation of a Charmed Baryon Decaying to D0 p at a Mass Near 2.94 GeV/c^2 25-Mar-06 PRL 98, 012001 (2007)
PUB-06/018 Study of B -> D(*)Ds(J)(*) decays and measurement of Ds- and DsJ(2460)- branching fractions 15-May-06 PRD-RC 74, 031103 (2006)
PUB-06/017 Search for the decay B0 -> a1+- rho-+ 09-May-06 PRD-RC 74, 031104 (2006)
PUB-06/016 Measurements of CP-violating asymmetries and branching fractions in B decays to omega K and omega pi 20-Mar-06 PRD-RC 74, 011106 (2006)
PUB-06/015 Measurements of branching fractions, rate asymmetries, and angular distributions in the rare decays B -> K l+ l- and B -> K* l+ l- 04-Apr-06 PRD 73, 092001 (2006)
PUB-06/014 Measurement of branching fractions and CP-violating charge asymmetries for B-meson decays to D(*) D(*)bar, and implications for the Cabibbo-Kobayashi-Maskawa angle gamma 17-Apr-06 PRD 73, 112004 (2006)
PUB-06/013 Measurements of the decays B0 -> D0bar p pbar, B0 -> D*0bar p pbar, B0 -> D- p pbar pi+, and B0 -> D*- p pbar pi+ 21-Jul-06 PRD-RC 74, 051101 (2006)
PUB-06/012 Measurement of branching fractions in radiative B decays to eta K gamma and search for B decays to eta' K gamma 29-Mar-06 PRD-RC 74, 031102 (2006)
PUB-06/011 Search For T, CP, and CPT Violation in B0-B0bar Mixing with Inclusive Dilepton Events 29-Mar-06 PRL 96, 251802 (2006)
PUB-06/010 Measurement of the Pseudoscalar Decay Constant f_Ds Using Charm-Tagged Events in e+e- Collisions at sqrt(s)=10.58 GeV 01-Aug-06 PRL 98, 141801 (2007)
PUB-06/009 Search for the reactions e+ e- -> mu+ tau- and e+ e- -> e+ tau- 26-Jul-06 PRD-RC 75, 031103 (2007)
PUB-06/008 Search for the decay tau- -> 3pi- 2pi+ 2pi0 nu_tau 07-Apr-06 PRD 73, 112003 (2006)
PUB-06/007 Search for the charmed pentaquark candidate Theta_c(3100)0 in e+e- annihilations at sqrt(s)=10.58 GeV 03-Apr-06 PRD-RC 73, 091101 (2006)
PUB-06/006 Dalitz plot analysis of the decay B+- -> K+- K+- K-+ 29-Apr-06 PRD 74, 032003 (2006)
PUB-06/005 Observation of B0 Meson Decay to a1+-(1260) pi-+ 24-Mar-06 PRL 97, 051802 (2006)
PUB-06/004 Branching fraction limits for B0 decays to eta' eta, eta' pi0 and eta pi0 07-Mar-06 PRD-RC 73, 071102 (2006)
PUB-06/003 Measurement of the B- -> D0 K*- branching fraction 08-Apr-06 PRD-RC 73, 111104 (2006)
PUB-06/002 Measurement of B0bar -> D(*)0 K(*)0bar branching fractions 09-Apr-06 PRD-RC 74, 031101 (2006)
PUB-06/001 Measurement of time-dependent CP asymmetries in B0 -> D(*)+- pi-+ and B0 -> D+- rho-+ decays 02-Mar-06 PRD-RC 73, 111101 (2006)
PUB-05/054 Measurements of the branching fraction and time-dependent CP asymmetries of B0 -> J/psi pi0 decays 06-Mar-06 PRD-RC 74, 011101 (2006)
PUB-05/053 The e+e- -> 3(pi+pi-), 2(pi+pi-pi0) and K+K-2(pi+pi-) cross sections at center-of-mass energies from production threshold to 4.5 GeV measured with initial-state radiation 03-Feb-06 PRD 73, 052003 (2006)
PUB-05/052 Measurements of the B -> D* form factors using the decay B0bar -> D*+ e- nubar_e 21-Feb-06 PRD 74, 092004 (2006)
PUB-05/051 Measurement of CP observables for the decays B+- -> D0_CP K+- 27-Dec-05 PRD-RC 73, 051105 (2006)
PUB-05/050 Study of e+e- -> p pbar using initial state radiation with BABAR 09-Dec-05 PRD 73, 012005 (2006)
PUB-05/049 Determinations of |V_ub| from Inclusive Semileptonic B Decays with Reduced Model Dependence 01-Feb-06 PRL 96, 221801 (2006)
PUB-05/048 Search for the rare decays B0 -> Ds(*)+ a0(2)- 13-Dec-05 PRD-RC 73, 071103 (2006)
PUB-05/047 Search for rare quark-annihilation decays, B- -> Ds(*)- phi 14-Dec-05 PRD-RC 73, 011103 (2006)
PUB-05/046 Measurements of Lambda_c+ branching fractions of Cabibbo-suppressed decay modes involving Lambda and Sigma0 09-Jan-06 PRD 75, 052002 (2007)
PUB-05/045 Measurement of the inclusive electron spectrum in charmless semileptonic B decays near the kinematic end point and determination of |V_ub| 06-Oct-05 PRD 73, 012006 (2006)
PUB-05/044 Search for the W-exchange decays B0 -> Ds(*)- Ds(*)+ 20-Oct-05 PRD-RC 72, 111101 (2005)
PUB-05/043 Measurement of Branching Fractions and Resonance Contributions for B0 -> D0bar K+ pi- and Search for B0 -> D0 K+ pi- Decays 23-Sep-05 PRL 96, 011803 (2006)
PUB-05/042 Measurement of the branching ratios Gamma(Ds*+ -> Ds+ pi0)/Gamma(Ds*+ -> Ds+ gamma) and Gamma(D*0 -> D0 pi0)/Gamma(D*0 -> D0 gamma) 19-Aug-05 PRD-RC 72, 091101 (2005)
PUB-05/041 Measurements of the Absolute Branching Fractions of B+- -> K+- X_ccbar 27-Oct-05 PRL 96, 052002 (2006)
PUB-05/040 Search for Lepton Flavor Violation in the Decay tau+- -> e+- gamma 05-Aug-05 PRL 96, 041801 (2006)
PUB-05/039 Study of b->c interference in the Decay B- -> [K+pi-]_D K*- 29-Jul-05 PRD-RC 72, 071104 (2005)
PUB-05/038 Study of the X(3872) and Y(4260) in B0 -> J/psi pi+ pi- K0 and B- -> J/psi pi+ pi- K- decays 21-Jul-05 PRD-RC 73, 011101 (2006)
PUB-05/037 Measurements of the B -> X_s gamma Branching Fraction and Photon Spectrum from a Sum of Exclusive Final States 31-Jul-05 PRD 72, 052004 (2005)
PUB-05/036 Search for the Rare Decay B0->tau+tau- at BABAR 09-Nov-05 PRL 96, 241802 (2006)
PUB-05/035 Evidence for B+ -> K0bar K+ and B0 -> K0 K0bar, and Measurement of the Branching Fraction and Search for Direct CP Violation in B+ -> K0 pi+ 05-Jul-05 PRL 95, 221801 (2005)
PUB-05/034 Search for the decay B+ -> tau+ nu_tau 14-Jul-05 PRD 73, 057101 (2006)
PUB-05/033 Measurements of neutral B decay branching fractions to K0s pi+ pi- final states and the charge asymmetry of B0 -> K*+ pi- 04-Aug-05 PRD-RC 73, 031101 (2006)
PUB-05/032 A Precision Measurement of the Lambda_c+ Baryon Mass 01-Jul-05 PRD 72, 052006 (2005)
PUB-05/031 Measurement of Branching Fractions and Mass Spectra of B -> K pi pi gamma 27-Jun-06 PRL 98, 211804 (2007)
PUB-05/030 Measurement of the time-dependent CP-violating asymmetry in B0 -> K0s pi0 gamma decays 08-Jul-05 PRD-RC 72, 051103 (2005)
PUB-05/029 Observation of a Broad Structure in the pi+pi- J/psi Mass Spectrum at 4.26 GeV/c^2 28-Jun-05 PRL 95, 142001 (2005)
PUB-05/028 Amplitude analysis of the decay B+- -> pi+- pi+- pi-+ 06-Jul-05 PRD 72, 052002 (2005)
PUB-05/027 Dalitz-plot analysis of the decays B+- -> K+- pi-+ pi+- 01-Jul-05 PRD 72, 072003 (2005)
PUB-05/026 Measurement of CP observables for the decays B+- -> D0_CP K*+- 04-Jul-05 PRD-RC 72, 071103 (2005)
PUB-05/025 Study of B -> pi l nu and B -> rho l nu decays and determination of |V_ub| 30-Jun-05 PRD-RC 72, 051102 (2005)
PUB-05/024 Measurement of Time-Dependent CP Asymmetries and the CP-Odd Fraction in the Decay B0->D*+D*- 30-Jun-05 PRL 95, 151804 (2005)
PUB-05/023 Dalitz plot analysis of D0 -> K0bar K+ K- 04-Jul-05 PRD 72, 052008 (2005)
PUB-05/022 Measurement of the B0bar lifetime and the B0-B0bar oscillation frequency using partially reconstructed B0bar -> D*+ l- nubar_l decays 12-Jul-05 PRD 73, 012004 (2006)
PUB-05/021 Measurement of double charmonium production in e+e- annihilations at sqrt(s) = 10.6 GeV 25-Jun-05 PRD-RC 72, 031101 (2005)
PUB-05/020 Measurement of the B+ -> p pbar K+ branching fraction and study of the decay dynamics 01-Jul-05 PRD-RC 72, 051101 (2005)
PUB-05/019 Search for Lepton-Flavor and Lepton-Number Violation in the Decay tau- -> l-+ h+- h'- 23-Jun-05 PRL 95, 191801 (2005)
PUB-05/018 Determination of |V_ub| from Measurements of the Electron and Neutrino Momenta in Inclusive Semileptonic B Decays 14-Jun-05 PRL 95, 111801 (2005)
PUB-05/017 Measurement of Time-Dependent CP Asymmetries in B0 -> D(*)+- D-+ Decays 27-May-05 PRL 95, 131802 (2005)
PUB-05/016 Measurement of the branching fraction and decay rate asymmetry of B- -> D_{pi+pi-pi0} K- 26-May-05 PRD-RC 72, 071102 (2005)
PUB-05/015 Search for the decay tau- -> 4pi- 3pi+ (pi0) nu_tau 25-May-05 PRD-RC 72, 012003 (2005)
PUB-05/014 Search for the rare decays B+ -> D(*)+ K0s 31-May-05 PRD-RC 72, 011102 (2005)
PUB-05/013 Measurement of time-dependent CP-violating asymmetries and constraints on sin(2beta+gamma) with partial reconstruction of B -> D*-+ pi+- decays 20-Apr-05 PRD 71, 112003 (2005)
PUB-05/012 Search for b -> u transitions in B- -> D0K- and B- -> D*0K- 27-Apr-05 PRD 72, 032004 (2005)
PUB-05/011 Study of the tau- -> 3h- 2h+ nu_tau decay 03-May-05 PRD 72, 072001 (2005)
PUB-05/010 Measurement of the Cabibbo-Kobayashi-Maskawa Angle gamma in B-+ -> D(*) K-+ Decays with a Dalitz Analysis of D -> K0s pi- pi+ 20-Apr-05 PRL 95, 121802 (2005)
PUB-05/009 Search for the rare decay B0bar -> D*0 gamma 27-Jun-05 PRD-RC 72, 051106 (2005)
PUB-05/008 Production and Decay of Xic0 at BABAR 08-Apr-05 PRL 95, 142003 (2005)
PUB-05/007 Improved Measurement of the Cabibbo-Kobayashi-Maskawa Angle alpha using B0 (B0bar) -> rho+ rho- Decays 29-Mar-05 PRL 95, 041805 (2005)
PUB-05/006 Evidence for the decay B+- -> K*+- pi0 06-Apr-05 PRD-RC 71, 111101 (2005)
PUB-05/005 Search for B -> J/psi D decays 10-Mar-05 PRD-RC 71, 091103 (2005)
PUB-05/004 Measurement of the Branching Fraction of Upsilon(4S) --> B0 B0bar 04-Apr-05 PRL 95, 042001 (2005)
PUB-05/003 Measurement of Branching Fractions and Charge Asymmetries in B+ Decays to etapi+, etaK+, etarho+, and eta'pi+, and Search for B0 Decays to etaK0 and etaomega 23-Mar-05 PRL 95, 131803 (2005)
PUB-05/002 Measurement of the B0 -> D*- D_s*+ and D_s+ -> phi pi+ branching fractions 26-Feb-05 PRD-RC 71, 091104 (2005)
PUB-05/001 Measurement of the branching fraction and the CP-violating asymmetry for the decay B0 -> K0s pi0 04-Mar-05 PRD-RC 71, 111102 (2005)
PUB-04/054 Improved Measurements of CP-Violating Asymmetry Amplitudes in B0 -> pi+pi- Decays 28-Jan-05 PRL 95, 151803 (2005)
PUB-04/053 e+ e- -> pi+ pi- pi+ pi-, K+ K- pi+ pi-, and K+ K- K+ K- cross sections at center-of-mass energies 0.5-4.5 GeV measured with initial-state radiation 14-Feb-05 PRD 71, 052001 (2005)
PUB-04/052 Branching Fraction and CP Asymmetries of B0 -> K0s K0s K0s 04-Feb-05 PRL 95, 011801 (2005)
PUB-04/051 Measurement of CP asymmetries in B0 -> phi K0 and B0 -> K+ K- K0s decays 09-Feb-05 PRD-RC 71, 091102 (2005)
PUB-04/050 Measurements of Branching Fractions and Time-Dependent CP-Violating Asymmetries in B -> eta' K Decays 08-Feb-05 PRL 94, 191802 (2005)
PUB-04/049 Search for Lepton Flavor Violation in the Decay tau+- -> mu+- gamma 16-Feb-05 PRL 95, 041802 (2005)
PUB-04/048 Limit on the B0 -> rho0 rho0 Branching Fraction and Implications for the Cabibbo-Kobayashi-Maskawa Angle alpha 23-Dec-04 PRL 94, 131801 (2005)
PUB-04/047 Search for Strange-Pentaquark Production in e+e- Annihilation at sqrt(s)=10.58 GeV 01-Feb-05 PRL 95, 042002 (2005)
PUB-04/046 Search for Factorization-Suppressed B -> chi_c K(*) Decays 24-Jan-05 PRL 94, 171801 (2005)
PUB-04/045 Search for the radiative decay B0 -> phi gamma 16-Jan-05 PRD-RC 72, 091103 (2005)
PUB-04/044 Measurement of Branching Fractions and Charge Asymmetries for Exclusive B Decays to Charmonium 22-Dec-04 PRL 94, 141801 (2005)
PUB-04/043 Search for a charged partner of the X(3872) in the B meson decay B -> X- K, X- -> J/psi pi- pi0 17-Dec-04 PRD-RC 71, 031501 (2005)
PUB-04/042 Branching Fractions and CP Asymmetries in B0 -> pi0 pi0, B+ -> pi+ pi0, and B+ -> K+ pi0 Decays and Isospin Analysis of the B -> pi pi System 13-Dec-04 PRL 94, 181802 (2005)
PUB-04/041 Search for CP violation and a measurement of the relative branching fraction in D+ -> K- K+ pi+ decays 01-Feb-05 PRD-RC 71, 091101 (2005)
PUB-04/040 Measurement of Branching Fractions and Dalitz Distributions for B0 -> D(*)+- K0 pi-+ Decays 15-Dec-04 PRL 95, 171802 (2005)
PUB-04/039 Measurements of B meson decays to omega K* and omega rho 16-Nov-04 PRD-RC 71, 031103 (2005)
PUB-04/038 Improved Measurement of CP Asymmetries in B0 -> (ccbar) K0(*) Decays 19-Aug-04 PRL 94, 161803 (2005)
PUB-04/037 Direct CP Violating Asymmetry in B0 -> K+pi- Decays 30-Jul-04 PRL 93, 131801 (2004)
PUB-04/036 Search for the Decay B+ -> K+ nu nubar 17-Nov-04 PRL 94, 101801 (2005)
PUB-04/035 Search for Radiative Penguin Decays B+ -> rho+ gamma, B0 -> rho0 gamma, and B0 -> omega gamma 11-Aug-04 PRL 94, 011801 (2005)
PUB-04/034 Study of e+e- -> pi+pi-pi0 process using initial state radiation with BaBar 16-Aug-04 PRD 70, 072004 (2004)
PUB-04/033 Measurement of Branching Fractions for Inclusive B- and B0bar Decays to Flavor-tagged D, D_s and Lambda_c 23-Aug-04 PRD-RC 70, 091106 (2004)
PUB-04/032 Search for Decays of B0 -> e+ e-, B0 -> mu+ mu-, B0 -> e+- mu-+ 20-Aug-04 PRL 94, 221803 (2005)
PUB-04/031 Measurement of the B0->PhiK*0 Decay Amplitudes 06-Aug-04 PRL 93, 231804 (2004)
PUB-04/030 Time-integrated and time-dependent angular analyses of B -> J/Psi K pi: A measurement of cos2beta with no sign ambiguity from strong phases 02-Nov-04 PRD 71, 032005 (2005)
PUB-04/029 Measurements of neutral B decay branching fractions to K0s pi+ pi- final states 13-Aug-04 PRD-RC 70, 091103 (2004)
PUB-04/027 Search for flavor-changing neutral current and lepton-flavor violating decays of D0 -> l+l- 09-Aug-04 PRL 93, 191801 (2004)
PUB-04/026 Measurement of the ratio B(B- -> D*0 K-)/B(B- -> D*0 pi-) and of the CP asymmetry of B- -> D*0_{CP+} K- decays 29-Nov-04 PRD-RC 71, 031102 (2005)
PUB-04/025 Search for D0-D0bar mixing using semileptonic decay modes 15-Aug-04 PRD-RC 70, 091102 (2004)
PUB-04/024 Study of B to D_SJ^(*)+ Dbar^(*) Decays 11-Aug-04 PRL 93, 181801 (2004)
PUB-04/023 The search for the decay B0 -> Jpsi gamma 06-Aug-04 PRD-RC 70, 091104 (2004)
PUB-04/022 Measurement of the B0->K2*(1430)0 gamma and B+->K2*(1430)+ gamma Branching Fraction s 16-Sep-04 PRD-RC 70, 091105 (2004)
PUB-04/021 Search for the Rare Leptonic Decay B- -> tau- nubar_tau 20-Jul-04 PRL 95, 041804 (2005)
PUB-04/020 Search for B-Meson Decays to Two-body Final States with a0(980) Mesons 07-Jul-04 PRD-RC 70, 111102 (2004)
PUB-04/019 Measurement of Branching Fractions, and CP and Isospin Asymmetries for B->K*gamma 30-Jun-04 PRD-RC 70, 112006 (2004)
PUB-04/018 Measurement of the B0bar -> D*+ l- nubar_l decay rate and |V_cb| 11-Aug-04 PRD-RC 71, 051502 (2005)
PUB-04/017 Measurements of the Branching Fraction and CP-Violating Asymmetries in B0 -> f0(980) K0s 15-Jun-04 PRL 94, 041802 (2005)
PUB-04/016 Measurement of Time-dependent CP-Violating Asymmetries in B0->K*gamma, K*-> Kspi0 Decays 31-May-04 PRL 93, 201801 (2004)
PUB-04/015 Measurement of Branching Fractions and CP Asymmetries in B0->K+K-Ks and B+->K+KsKs Decays 01-Jun-04 PRL 93, 181805 (2004)
PUB-04/014 Search for B0 decays to Invisible Final States and to nu nubar gamma 24-May-04 PRL 93, 091802 (2004)
PUB-04/013 Searches for B0 Decays to Combinations of Two Charmless Isoacalar Mesons 30-Mar-04 PRL 93, 181806 (2004)
PUB-04/012 Measurement of the Direct CP Asymmetry in b -> s gamma Decays 23-Mar-04 PRL 93, 021804 (2004)
PUB-04/011 Study of the B- -> J/psi K- pi+ pi- decay and measurement of the B- -> X(3872) K- branching fraction. 02-Jun-04 PRD-RC 71, 071103 (2005)
PUB-04/010 Measurement of the B -> Xs l+ l- Branching Fraction with a Sum over Exclusive Modes 03-Apr-04 PRL 93, 081802 (2004)
PUB-04/009 Study of the decay B0->rho+rho- and constraints on the CKM angle alpha. 23-Apr-04 PRL 93, 231801 (2004)
PUB-04/008 B meson decays to eta(')K*, eta(')rho, eta(')pi0, omega pi0, and phi pi0 17-Mar-04 PRD 70, 032006 (2004)
PUB-04/007 Determination of the Branching Fraction for B -> X_c l nu Decays and of |V_cb| from Hadronic-Mass and Lepton-Energy Moments 12-Apr-04 PRL 93, 011803 (2004)
PUB-04/006 Measurement of the total width, the electronic width, and the mass of the Upsilon(10580) resonance 13-May-04 PRD 72, 032005 (2005)
PUB-04/005 Measurement of CP-violating Asymmetries in B0->K0s pi0 Decays 27-Feb-04 PRL 93, 131805 (2004)
PUB-04/004 Measurement of Time-Dependent CP Asymmetries in B0->phi K0 15-Mar-04 PRL 93, 071801 (2004)
PUB-04/003 Search for the Decay B0 -> ppbar 01-Mar-04 PRD-RC 69, 091503 (2004)
PUB-04/002 Search for B+/- --> [K-/+ pi+/-]_D K+/- and upper limit on the b-->u amplitude in B+/- --> DK+/- 12-Feb-04 PRL 93, 131804 (2004)
PUB-04/001 Limits on the Decay-Rate Difference of Neutral B Mesons and on CP, T, and CPT Violation in B0B0bar Oscillations 29-Feb-04 PRD 70, 012007 (2004)
PUB-03/047 Observation of the Decay B->Jpsi eta K and Search for X(3870)->Jpsi eta 07-Feb-04 PRL 93, 041801 (2004)
PUB-03/046 Measurement of the the B+/B0 Production Ratio from the Upsilon(4s) Meson using B+->Jpsi K+ and B0->Jpsi Ks Decays 16-Jan-04 PRD 69, 071101 (2004)
PUB-03/045 Measurement of the Electron Energy Spectrum and its Moments in Inclusive B -> X e nu Decays 23-Jan-04 PRD-RC 69, 111104 (2004)
PUB-03/044 Search for Lepton Flavor Violation in the Decay tau->lll 08-Dec-03 PRL 92, 121801 (2004)
PUB-03/043 Branching Fraction Measurements of B->eta_c K decays 02-Mar-04 PRD-RC 70, 011101 (2004)
PUB-03/042 Study of B^{+-} -> J/psi pi^{+-} and B^{+-} -> J/psi K^{+-} Decays: Measurement of the Ratio of Branching Fractions and Search for Direct CP Violation 23-Jan-04 PRL 92, 241802 (2004)
PUB-03/041 Observation of B->omega K0, B->eta pi+, and B->eta K+ and study of related decays 07-Nov-03 PRL 92, 061801 (2004)
PUB-03/040 Observation of the Decay B0->rho+rho- and Measurement of the Branching Fraction and Polarization 06-Nov-03 PRD-RC 69, 031102 (2004)
PUB-03/039 A Search for B+ -> mu+ nu 05-Jan-04 PRL 92, 221803 (2004)
PUB-03/038 Study of high momentum eta' production in B -> eta' Xs 28-Dec-03 PRL 93, 061801 (2004)
PUB-03/037 Measurement of Branching Fractions and Charge Asymmetries in B+ --> rho+pi0 and B+ -->rho0pi+ Decays, and Search for B0 --> rho0pi0 24-Nov-03 PRL 93, 051802 (2004)
PUB-03/036 Measurements of branching fractions and charge asymmetries in charmless two-body B decays with neutral kaons 18-Dec-03 PRL 92, 201802 (2004)
PUB-03/035 Measurement of the branching fraction for B- -> D0 K*- 17-Dec-03 PRD-RC 69, 051101 (2004)
PUB-03/034 Measurements of Moments of the Hadronic Mass Distribution in Semileptonic B Decays 23-Jan-04 PRD-RC 69, 111103 (2004)
PUB-03/033 Measurement of Time-Dependent CP Asymmetries and Constraints on sin(2beta+gamma) with Partial Reconstruction of B0->D*+-pi-+ Decays 14-Oct-03 PRL 92, 251802 (2004)
PUB-03/032 Measurement of B- -> D0_(CP)K- decays with the BaBar detector 25-Oct-03 PRL 92, 202002 (2004)
PUB-03/031 Measurement of sin2beta+gamma in fully reconstructed B->D(*)pi decays 27-Aug-03 PRL 92, 251801 (2004)
PUB-03/030 Observation of a Narrow Meson Decaying to Ds+ pizero gamma at a Mass of 2.458 GeV/c^2 24-Oct-03 PRD-RC 69, 031101 (2004)
PUB-03/029 Measurement of the Inclusive Branching Fraction for B->phi X 04-Nov-03 PRD 69, 052005 (2004)
PUB-03/028 Observation of the Decay B0 -> pi0 pi0 05-Aug-03 PRL 91, 241801 (2003)
PUB-03/027 Measurements of the Branching Fractions of Charged B Decays to K+-pi-+pi+- Final States 26-Aug-03 PRD 70, 092001 (2004)
PUB-03/026 Measurement of the Branching Fraction for B+- -> chi_c0 K+- 08-Oct-03 PRD-RC 69, 071103 (2004)
PUB-03/025 J/psi production via initial state radiation in e+e- -> mu+mu- gamma at an e+e- center-of-mass energy near 10.6 GeV 14-Oct-03 PRD-RC 69, 011103 (2004)
PUB-03/024 Measurement of the Branching Fraction and Polarization for the Decay B- to D*0 K*- 22-Aug-03 PRL 92, 141801 (2004)
PUB-03/023 Measurements of the Mass and Width of the eta_c Meson and of an eta_c(2S) Candidate 18-Nov-03 PRL 92, 142002 (2004)
PUB-03/022 Measurement of sin2beta using Hadronic J/psi Decays 10-Sep-03 PRD 69, 052001 (2004)
PUB-03/021 Evidence for the Rare Decay B -> K*l+l- and Measurement of B-> Kl+l- 15-Aug-03 PRL 91, 221802 (2003)
PUB-03/020 Measurement of Branching Fractions of Color-Suppressed Decays of the B0bar Meson to D(*)0 pi0, D(*)0 eta, D(*)0 omega, and D0 eta_prime 15-Oct-03 PRD 69, 032004 (2004)
PUB-03/019 Limits on the Decay-Rate Difference of Neutral B Mesons and on CP, T, and CPT Violation in B0-B0bar Oscillations 16-Nov-03 PRL 92, 181801 (2004)
PUB-03/018 Rates, Polarizations and Asymmetries in Charmless Vector-Vector B Meson Decays 11-Jul-03 PRL 91, 171802 (2003)
PUB-03/017 Measurements of Branching Fractions in B -> phi K and B -> phi pi and Search for Direct CP Violation in B+/- -> phi K+/- 05-Sep-03 PRD-RC 69, 011102 (2004)
PUB-03/016 Measurement of wrong-flavor to right-flavor amplitude ratio in B->J/psi K* 03-Apr-04 PRL 93, 081801 (2004)
PUB-03/015 Measurement of Time-Dependent CP Asymmetries and the CP-odd Fraction in the Decay B0 -> D*+D*- 21-Jun-03 PRL 91, 131801 (2003)
PUB-03/014 Limits on D0 Mixing and CP Violation from the Ratio of Lifetimes from K-pi+, K-K+, and pi-pi+ Decays 31-May-03 PRL 91, 121801 (2003)
PUB-03/013 Meaurement of Branching Fractions and CP-Violating Asymmetries in B -> rho+/- h-/+ 13-Jun-03 PRL 91, 201802 (2003)
PUB-03/012 Measurement of the Inclusive Charmless Semileptonic Branching Ratio of B Mesons and Determination of |V_ub| 25-Jul-03 PRL 92, 071802 (2004)
PUB-03/011 Observation of a Narrow Meson Decaying to D_s^+ pi^0 at a Mass of 2.32 GeV/c^2 11-Apr-03 PRL 90, 242001 (2003)
PUB-03/010 Measurement of the Branching Fractions for the Exclusive Decays of B0 and B+ to D(*)D(*)K 05-May-03 PRD 68, 092001 (2003)
PUB-03/009 Search for D0D0bar Mixing and a Measurement of the Doubly Cabibbo-suppressed Decay Rate in D0 -> K pi Decays 03-Apr-03 PRL 91, 171801 (2003)
PUB-03/008 Search for the Radiative Decays B -> rho gamma and B0 -> omega gamma 17-Jun-03 PRL 92, 111801 (2004)
PUB-03/007 Evidence for the decay B+ --> Jpsi p+ Lambda and search for B0 --> Jpsi p+ p- 24-Mar-03 PRL 90, 231801 (2003)
PUB-03/006 Measurements of CP-violating asymmetries and branching fractions in B meson decays to eta' K 31-Mar-03 PRL 91, 161801 (2003)
PUB-03/005 Measurements of the branching fractions and bounds on the charge asymmetries of charmless three-body charged B decays 03-Apr-03 PRL 91, 051801 (2003)
PUB-03/004 Measurement of the branching fraction and CP-violating asymmetries in B0 -> D*D decays 05-Mar-03 PRL 90, 221801 (2003)
PUB-03/003 Study of Time-Dependent CP Asymmetry in B0 -> J/psi pi0 Decays 13-Mar-03 PRL 91, 061802 (2003)
PUB-03/002 Observation of the Decay B+- ->pi+-pi0 and Search For B0->pi0pi0 20-Mar-03 PRL 91, 021801 (2003)
PUB-03/001 B0->Ds(*)+D*- Branching Fractions and Polarization with a Partial Reconstruction Technique 13-Feb-03 PRD-RC 67, 092003 (2003)
PUB-02/015 Measurement of the CKM Matrix Element |V_ub| with B-> rho e nu Decays 27-Dec-02 PRL 90, 181801 (2003)
PUB-02/013 Measurement of the B0 meson lifetime with partial reconstruction of B0->D*-pi+ and B0->D*-rho+ decays 05-Dec-02 PRD-RC 67, 091101 (2003)
PUB-02/012 Simultaneous measurement of the B0 meson lifetime and mixing frequency with B0 -> D*-l+nu decays 05-Dec-02 PRD 67, 072002 (2003)
PUB-02/011 Measurement of the branching fraction for inclusive semileptonic B meson decays 14-Aug-02 PRD-RC 67, 031101 (2003)
PUB-02/010 A study of the rare decays B0 -> D_S(*)+ pi- and B0 -> D_S(*)+ K- 31-Jul-02 PRL 90, 181803 (2003)
PUB-02/009 Measurement of branching fractions and CP-violating asymmetries in B0 --> pi+pi-, K+pi-, K+K- decays 23-Jul-02 PRL 89, 281802 (2002)
PUB-02/008 Measurement of the CP-violating asymmetry amplitude sin2beta 17-Jul-02 PRL 89, 201802 (2002)
PUB-02/007 Rare B decays to states containing a J/psi meson 03-Apr-03 PRL 91, 071801 (2003)
PUB-02/006 A measurement of the B^0 --> J/psi pi^+pi^- branching fraction 07-Sep-02 PRL 90, 091801 (2003)
PUB-02/005 KANGA(ROO): Handling the micro-DST of the BaBar Experiment with ROOT 18-Jun-02 COMP PHYS 150, 197-214 (2003)
PUB-02/004 Study of Inclusive Production of Charmonium Mesons in B Decay 29-Jul-02 PRD 67, 032002 (2003)
PUB-02/002 A measurement of the B0 lifetime with partially reconstructed B0-->D*-l+nu decays 01-Feb-02 PRL 89, 011802 (2002)
PUB-01/024 Measurement of the branching fraction and CP content for the decay B^0 --> D^{*+}D^{*-} 05-Mar-02 PRL 89, 061801 (2002)
PUB-01/023 Direct CP violation searches in charmless hadronic B meson decays 27-Nov-01 PRD-RC 65, 051101 (2002)
PUB-01/022 Measurement of the B0-B0bar oscillation frequency with inclusive dilepton events 31-Dec-01 PRL 88, 221803 (2002)
PUB-01/021 Study of CP-violating asymmetries in B^0-->pi^+pi^-, K^+pi^- decays 25-Oct-01 PRD 65, 051502 (2002)
PUB-01/020 Search for T and CP violation in B0-B0bar mixing with inclusive dilepton events 23-Feb-02 PRL 88, 231801 (2002)
PUB-01/019 Search for the rare decays B-->Kl+l- and B-->K*l+l- 04-Jan-02 PRL 88, 241801 (2002)
PUB-01/018 Observation of CP violation in the B^0 meson system 05-Jul-01 PRL 87, 091801 (2001)
PUB-01/017 Measurement of D_s^+ and D_s^*+ production in B meson decays and from continuum e+e- annihliation at sqrt(s)=10.6 GeV 25-Jan-02 PRD-RC 65, 091104 (2002)
PUB-01/016 Search for the decay B^0 --> gamma-gamma 24-Jul-01 PRL 87, 241803 (2001)
PUB-01/015 Measurements of the branching fractions of exclusive charmless B meson decays with eta^prime and omega mesons 07-Aug-01 PRL 87, 221802 (2001)
PUB-01/014 Measurement of the ratio of branching fractions BF(B^+/- --> J/psi pi^+/-)/BF(B^+/- --> J/psi K^+/-) 03-Aug-01 PRD-RC 65, 091101 (2002)
PUB-01/013 Measurements of the branching fractions for psi(2S)-->e+e- and psi(2S)-->mu+mu- 07-Sep-01 PRD 65, 031101 (2002)
PUB-01/012 Measurement of J/psi production in continuum e+e- annihilations near sqrt(s) = 10.6 GeV 08-Jun-01 PRL 87, 162002 (2001)
PUB-01/011 Measurement of the decays B-->phi K and B-->phi K* 30-Apr-01 PRL 87, 151801 (2001)
PUB-01/010 Measurement of branching fractions and search for CP-violating charge asymmetries in charmless two-body B decays into pions and kaons 21-May-01 PRL 87, 151802 (2001)
PUB-01/008 The BABAR detector 16-Apr-01 NIM A479, 1 (2002)
PUB-01/007 Measurement of branching fractions for exclusive B decays to charmonium final states 11-Jul-01 PRD 65, 032001 (2002)
PUB-01/006 Measurement of the B^0 and B^+ meson lifetimes with fully reconstructed hadronic final states 09-Jul-01 PRL 87, 201803 (2001)
PUB-01/005 Measurement of the B-->J/psi K^*(892) decay amplitudes 20-Jul-01 PRL 87, 241801 (2001)
PUB-01/004 Measurement of B-->K*gamma branching fractions and charge asymmetries 25-Oct-01 PRL 88, 101805 (2002)
PUB-01/003 A study of time-dependent CP-violating asymmetries and flavor oscillations in neutral B decays at the Upsilon(4S) 10-Jan-02 PRD 66, 032003 (2002)
PUB-01/002 Measurement of B0-B0bar flavor oscillations in hadronic B0 decays 31-Dec-01 PRL 88, 221802 (2002)
PUB-01/001 Measurement of CP-violating asymmetries in B0 decays to CP eigenstates 12-Feb-01 PRL 86, 2515 (2001)