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CONF-10/004 Dalitz-plot analysis of B0 -> D0bar pi+ pi- 26-Jul-10 ICHEP 2010
CONF-10/003 Search for B -> tau nu with hadronic B tags at the BaBar Experiment ICHEP 2010
CONF-10/001 Observation of the Rare Decay B+ -> K+ pi0 pi0 FPCP2010
CONF-09/001 Search for Dimuon Decays of a Light Higgs Boson ASPEN09
CONF-08/020 Search for the Lepton-Flavor Violating Decays Upsilon(3S)->e tau and Upsilon(3S)->mu tau 05-Dec-08 QWG6
CONF-08/019 Search for Invisible Decays of a Light Scalar in Radiative Transitions Y(3S)-> gamma A0 31-Jul-08 ICHEP 08
CONF-08/018 Measurement of |V_cb| and form-factor slopes for Bbar ->D l- nubar_l decays on the recoil of fully reconstructed B mesons 31-Jul-08 ICHEP 08
CONF-08/017 Update of time-dependent CP asymmetry measurements in b->ccbars decays. 13-Aug-08 ICHEP 08
CONF-08/016 Amplitude Analysis of the Decay B0->K+pi-pi0 28-Jul-08 ICHEP 08
CONF-08/015 Search for Second-Class Currents in tau- ->omega pi- nu_tau 30-Jul-08 ICHEP 08
CONF-08/014 Measurement of CP Asymmetries and Branching Fractions in B0 --> pi+ pi-, B0 --> K+ pi-, B0 --> pi0 pi0, B0 --> K0 pi0 and Isospin Analysis of B --> pi pi Decays 26-Jul-08 ICHEP 08
CONF-08/013 Measurement of CP-Violating Asymmetries in the B0->K+K-Ks Dalitz Plot 05-Aug-08 ICHEP 08
CONF-08/012 Measurement of the branching fractions of the color-suppressed decays B0bar->D0pi0, D0*pi0, D0eta, D0*eta, D0omega, D0*omega, D0eta' and D0*eta'. 05-Aug-08 ICHEP 08
CONF-08/010 Evidence for B semileptonic decays into the Lambda_c charm baryon 31-Jul-08 ICHEP 08
CONF-08/009 Search for B+ meson decay to a_1+ K*0 05-Aug-08 ICHEP 08
CONF-08/008 Measurement of Branching Fractions and CP and Isospin Asymmetries in B -> K* gamma 14-Aug-08 ICHEP 08
CONF-08/006 Measurement of BF(tau- ->K0bar pi- nu_tau) using the BaBar detector 07-Aug-08 ICHEP 08
CONF-08/004 Study of the pi+pi- J/psi Mass Spectrum via Initial-State Radiation at BABAR 11-Aug-08 ICHEP 08
CONF-08/003 Measurement of branching fractions of B0 decays to K1(1270)+ pi- and K1(1400)+ pi-. 30-Jul-08 ICHEP 08
CONF-08/002 Dalitz plot analysis of Ds+-> pi+pi-pi+ 07-Aug-08 ICHEP 08
CONF-08/001 Search for B+-> mu+ nu_mu with inclusive reconstruction at BaBar 25-Jul-08 ICHEP 08
CONF-07/012 Time-Dependent Analysis of the Decay B0 -> rho0 rho0 12-Aug-07 LP2007
CONF-07/010 Time-dependent Dalitz Plot Analysis of B0 -> K0S pi+ pi- 15-Aug-07 LP2007
CONF-07/009 Measurement of the Branching Fractions of Exclusive Bbar -> D / D* / D(*) pi l- nubar_l Decays in Events Tagged by a Fully Reconstructed B Meson 13-Aug-07 LP2007
CONF-07/008 Measurement of the B0 -> Xu- l+ nu_l decays near the kinematic endpoint of the lepton spectrum and search for violation of isospin symmetry 13-Aug-07 LP2007
CONF-07/007 Evidence for b -> d gamma Transitions From a Sum of Exclusive Final States in the Hadronic Final State Mass Range 1.0 GeV/c^2 < M(X_d) < 1.8 GeV/c^2 13-Aug-07 LP2007
CONF-07/006 Measurement of the branching fraction ratios and CP asymmetries in B- -> D0_CP K- decays 11-Aug-07 LP2007
CONF-07/005 Measurement of the Time-Dependent CP Asymmetry in B0 -> K*0 gamma Decays 12-Aug-07 LP2007
CONF-07/004 Measurement of the Semileptonic Decays B -> D tau- nubar_tau and B -> D* tau- nubar_tau 18-Jul-07 EPS2007
CONF-07/003 Measurement of Moments of the Hadronic-Mass and -Energy Spectrum in Inclusive Semileptonic Bbar -> Xc l- nubar Decays 18-Jul-07 EPS2007
CONF-07/002 Measurement of the Decay B- -> D*0 e- nubar_e 18-Jul-07 EPS2007
CONF-07/001 A study of B-meson decays to etac K* and etac gamma K(*) 18-Jul-07 EPS2007
CONF-06/043 Measurement of Decay Amplitudes of B -> (ccbar) K* with an angular analysis, for (ccbar) = J/psi, psi(2S) and chi_c1 27-Jul-06 ICHEP06
CONF-06/042 Measurement of the B0 -> Lambda-bar p pi- Branching Fraction and Study of the Decay Dynamics 07-Aug-06 ICHEP06
CONF-06/041 Time-dependent CP-violation parameters in B0 -> eta' K0 decay 29-Jul-06 ICHEP06
CONF-06/040 Measurement of CP-Violating Asymmetries in the B0 -> K+ K- K0 Dalitz plot 31-Jul-06 ICHEP06
CONF-06/039 Measurement of CP Asymmetries and Branching Fractions in B -> pi pi and B -> K pi decays 29-Jul-06 ICHEP06
CONF-06/038 Measurement of the CKM angle gamma in B-+ -> D(*) K-+ decays with a Dalitz analysis of D0 -> K0S pi- pi+ 31-Jul-06 ICHEP06
CONF-06/037 Measurement of CP-Violating Asymmetries in B0 -> (rhopi)0 Using a Time-Dependent Dalitz Plot Analysis 31-Jul-06 ICHEP06
CONF-06/036 Improved Measurement of CP Asymmetries in B0 -> (c cbar) K(*)0 Decays 29-Jul-06 ICHEP06
CONF-06/035 A Study of Xi_c(2980)+ and Xi_c(3077)+ 26-Jul-06 ICHEP06
CONF-06/034 Measurement of the Branching Fractions for the Decays B+ -> rho+ gamma, B0 -> rho0 gamma, and B0 -> omega gamma 28-Jul-06 ICHEP06
CONF-06/033 Study of the Exclusive Initial-State Radiation Production of the D Dbar System 27-Jul-06 ICHEP06
CONF-06/032 Search for the rare decay B -> pi l+ l- 24-Jul-06 ICHEP06
CONF-06/031 Search for D0-D0bar mixing in the decays D0 --> K+ pi- pi+ pi- 29-Jul-06 ICHEP06
CONF-06/030 Measurement of the CP-violating Asymmetries in B0 -> K0S pi0 and of the Branching Fraction of B0 -> K0 pi0 28-Jul-06 ICHEP06
CONF-06/029 Measurement of the B+ -> eta l+ nu and B+ -> eta' l+ nu Branching Fractions using Upsilon(4S) -> B Bbar Events Tagged by a Fully Reconstructed B Meson 26-Jul-06 ICHEP06
CONF-06/028 A Search for B+ -> tau+ nu Recoiling Against B- -> D0 l- nubar_l X 07-Aug-06 ICHEP06
CONF-06/027 Evidence for the B0 -> rho0 rho0 Decay and Implications for the CKM Angle alpha 28-Jul-06 ICHEP06
CONF-06/026 A Search for the B0 -> e+ e- gamma and B0 -> mu+ mu- gamma Decays 25-Jul-06 ICHEP06
CONF-06/025 Search for the Rare Decay B+- -> a0+- pi0 26-Jul-06 ICHEP06
CONF-06/024 Measurement of the Relative Branching Fractions for B- -> D/D*/D**(D(*)pi)) l- nubar_l with a Large Sample of Tagged B Mesons 27-Jul-06 ICHEP06
CONF-06/023 Study of the Lepton Flavor Violating Decay tau- -> mu- eta 25-Jul-06 ICHEP06
CONF-06/022 Determination of the Form Factors for the Decay B0 -> D*- l+ nu_l and of the CKM Matrix Element |V_cb| 27-Jul-06 ICHEP06
CONF-06/021 Measurement of the Mass and Width and Study of the Spin of the Xi(1690)0 Resonance from Lambda_c+ -> Lambda K0bar K+ Decay at BABAR 25-Jul-06 ICHEP06
CONF-06/020 Search for CPT and Lorentz Violation in B0-B0bar Oscillations with Inclusive Dilepton Events 29-Jul-06 ICHEP06
CONF-06/019 A precision measurement of the D_s1(2536)+ meson mass and decay width 27-Jul-06 ICHEP06
CONF-06/018 Measurement of Time-dependent CP Asymmetries in B0 -> K0S K0S K0S Decays 31-Jul-06 ICHEP06
CONF-06/017 Measurement of cos(2beta) in B0 -> D(*)0 h0 decays with a time-dependent Dalitz plot analysis of D0 -> K0S pi+ pi- 29-Jul-06 ICHEP06
CONF-06/016 Updated Measurement of the CKM Angle alpha Using B0 -> rho+ rho- Decays 28-Jul-06 ICHEP06
CONF-06/015 Measurement of the B0 -> pi- l+ nu Form Factor Shape and Branching Fraction, and Determination of |V_ub| with a Loose Neutrino Reconstruction Technique 26-Jul-06 ICHEP06
CONF-06/014 Search for the Baryon and Lepton Number Violating Decays tau -> Lambda h 27-Jul-06 ICHEP06
CONF-06/013 A measurement of CP-violation parameters in B0B0bar mixing using partially reconstructed D*- l+ nu_l events at BABAR 28-Jul-06 ICHEP06
CONF-06/012 Measurements of CP-Violating Asymmetries in B Decays to omega K0S 29-Jul-06 ICHEP06
CONF-06/011 Search for inclusive charmless B -> K+ X and B -> K0 X decays 25-Jul-06 ICHEP06
CONF-06/010 Measurement of the Branching Fractions of the Decays B0bar -> Lambda_c+ pbar and B- -> Lambda_c+ pbar pi- 26-Jul-06 ICHEP06
CONF-06/009 Observation of the decays B- -> Ds(*)+ K- pi- 26-Jul-06 ICHEP06
CONF-06/008 Xic' Production at BABAR 27-Jul-06 ICHEP06
CONF-06/007 Search for b -> u transitions in B- -> [K+pi-pi0]_D K- 26-Jul-06 ICHEP06
CONF-06/006 Measurement of the q^2 Dependence of the Hadronic Form Factor in D0 -> K- e+ nu_e Decays 27-Jul-06 ICHEP06
CONF-06/005 Measurement of the Hadronic Form Factors in Ds+ -> phi e+ nu_e Decays 27-Jul-06 ICHEP06
CONF-06/004 Search for Flavor-Changing Neutral-Current Charm Decays 25-Jul-06 ICHEP06
CONF-06/003 Search for Charmonium States Decaying to J/psi gamma gamma Using Initial-State Radiation Events 01-Aug-06 ICHEP06
CONF-06/002 Measurement of B Decays to phi K gamma 20-Jul-06 ICHEP06
CONF-06/001 A search for the decays B+ -> e+ nu_e and B+ -> mu+ nu_mu using hadronic-tag reconstruction 31-Jul-06 ICHEP06
CONF-05/021 Dalitz Plot Study of B0 -> K+K-Ks Decays 24-Jul-05 EPS HEP05
CONF-05/020 Measurement of CP Asymmetries in B0-->Ks Pi0 Pi0 Decays 07-Aug-05 EPS HEP05
CONF-05/019 Measurement of Branching Fractions and Mass Spectra of B->K pi pi gamma 11-Jul-05 LP05
CONF-05/018 Measurement of gamma in B-+ -> D(*) K-+ and B-+ -> D K*-+ decays with a Dalitz analysis of D -> Ks pi- pi + 27-Jul-05 EPS HEP05
CONF-05/017 Measurement of the B0->pi l nu and B+ ->pi0 l nu Branching Fractions and Determination of |V_ub| in Y(4S) -> BBbar Events Tagged by a Fully Reconstructed B Meson 19-Jul-05 EPS HEP05
CONF-05/016 Measurements of the Branching Fraction and Time-Dependent CP-Asymmetries of B0 -> J/psi pi0 Decays 18-Jul-05 EPS HEP05
CONF-05/015 Measurement of CP-violating parameters in fully-reconstructed B->D(*)pi and B->Drho decays 18-Jul-05 EPS HEP05
CONF-05/014 Measurement of Time-Dependent CP-Violating Asymmetries in B0 Meson Decays to eta' K0L 20-Jul-05 EPS HEP05
CONF-05/013 Measurements of Branching Fractions for B0 -> pi+pi-, K+pi-, and Search for B0 -> K+K- 19-Aug-05 EPS HEP05
CONF-05/012 Search for B- -> Ds(*)- phi 01-Jul-05 LP05
CONF-05/011 Measurement of the Partial Branching Fraction for Inclusive Charmless Semileptonic B Decays and Extraction of |V_ub| 02-Jul-05 LP05
CONF-05/010 A Study of Production and Decays of Omegac0 Baryons at BABAR 01-Jul-05 LP05
CONF-05/009 Measurement of Time Dependent CP Asymmetry in B0 -> Ks Ks Ks decays, with one Ks-> pi0 pi0 11-Jul-05 LP05
CONF-05/008 Measurement of the Branching Fraction of B0 Meson Decay to a1(1260) pi 07-Jul-05 LP05
CONF-05/007 Measurements of the rare decays B to K l+ l- and B to K* l+ l- 01-Jul-05 LP05
CONF-05/006 Results from the BABAR Fully Inclusive Measurement of B -> Xs gamma 30-Jun-05 LP05
CONF-05/005 Measurement of the B+->rho+(->pi+pi0)pi0 BF and Acp 27-Jun-05 LP05
CONF-05/004 Measurement of B+ -> pi0 l+ nu Decays Tagged by B- -> D0 l- nu_bar(X) Decays 27-Jun-05 LP05
CONF-05/003 Branching Fraction for B0 -> pi- l+ nu and Determination of |V_ub| in Upsilon(4S) -> B0 B0bar Events Tagged by B0bar -> D(*)+ l- nubar 27-Jun-05 LP05
CONF-05/002 Measurement of Time-dependent CP-Violating Asymmetries in B0->K+K-K0L Decays 01-Jul-05 LP05
CONF-05/001 Measurement of Branching Fraction and CP-Violating Asymmetry for B0 -> omega K0s LP05
CONF-04/051 Search for Lepton-Flavor Violation in the Decay tau -> lhh TAU 04
CONF-04/050 A search for the decays B+ -> K+ nu nubar and B+ -> pi+ nu nubar ICHEP'04
CONF-04/049 Measurement of the Ratio BR(B- --> D*0 K-)/BR(B- --> D*0 pi-) and the CP-asymmetry of B- --> D*0(CP+) K- decays with the BABAR detector ICHEP'04
CONF-04/048 Study of the tau- to 3h- 2h+ nu decay ICHEP'04
CONF-04/047 Improved Measurements of CP-Violating Asymmetries in B0 -> pi+pi- Decays ICHEP'04
CONF-04/046 Evidence For B0 to rho0 Ks ICHEP'04
CONF-04/045 Search for the D*_sJ(2632)^+ at BaBar ICHEP'04
CONF-04/044 Measurements of Branching Fractions and CP-Violating Asymmetries in B-Meson Decays to the Charmless Two-Body States K0pi+, K0barK+, and K0K0bar ICHEP'04
CONF-04/043 Measurement of gamma in B+/- -> D(*)0 K+/- decays by a Dalitz analysis of D0 -> KS pi+ pi- ICHEP'04
CONF-04/042 B0 -> K+ pi- pi0 Dalitz Plot Analysis ICHEP'04
CONF-04/041 Search for the Decay B0 -->K*+ Rho- ICHEP'04
CONF-04/040 Measurement of Time-Dependent CP-Violating Asymmetries in B0 Decays to eta' K0 ICHEP'04
CONF-04/039 Measurement of the branching fractions and CP-asymmetries of B->D0_(CP)K decays with the BaBar detector ICHEP'04
CONF-04/038 Measurement of CP-Violating Asymmetries in B0->(rho pi)0 Using a Time-Dependent Dalitz Plot Analysis ICHEP'04
CONF-04/037 Search for the Decay B0 --> rho0rho0 ICHEP'04
CONF-04/036 Search for Strange Pentaquark Production in e^+e^- Annihilations at sqrt{s}=10.58 GeV and in Upsilon(4S) Decays ICHEP'04
CONF-04/035 Study of B0 -> pi0pi0 and B+ -> pi+pi0, B+ -> K+pi0 decays ICHEP'04
CONF-04/034 Measurements of Branching Fraction, Polarization, and Direct-CP-Violating Charge Asymmetry in B+ --> K*0 Rho+ Decays ICHEP'04
CONF-04/033 Measurements of CP(t) in B0->phiK0 and charge Asymmetry in B+->phi K+ ICHEP'04
CONF-04/032 Measurement of the B0->K0sK0sK0s Branching Fraction ICHEP'04
CONF-04/031 Measurement of B -> D* Form Factors in the Semileptonic Decay B ->D* l nu ICHEP'04
CONF-04/030 Measurements of the Branching Fraction and CP-Violating Asymmetries of B0->KsPi0 Decays ICHEP'04
CONF-04/029 Measurement of CP-violating parameters in fully reconstructed B- > D(*) pi and B -> D rho decays ICHEP'04
CONF-04/027 Measurement of the DsJ(2317) and DsJ(2460) Properties in e+ e- --> c c-bar Production ICHEP'04
CONF-04/026 A search for B+ -> tau+ nu recoiling against B- -> D*0 l- nubar ICHEP'04
CONF-04/025 Measurement of CP Asymmetry in B0-->K+K-K0(S) Decays ICHEP'04
CONF-04/024 Measurement of exclusive B decays to charmonium and K or K* branching fractions with the BABAR detector ICHEP'04
CONF-04/023 Searches for Charmless Decays B0->eta omega, B0->eta K0, B+->eta rho+, and B+->eta' pi+ ICHEP'04
CONF-04/022 Measurement of the Ratio of Branching Fractions of Xic0 Decays to Xi- pi+ and to Omega- K+ ICHEP'04
CONF-04/021 Measurement of the Branching Fraction of Y(4S)->B0B0bar ICHEP'04
CONF-04/020 Measurement of the Branching Fractions of the Decays B0->D*- p pbar pi+, B0->D- p pbar pi+, B0->Dbar*0 p pbar, and B0->Dbar0 p pbar ICHEP'04
CONF-04/019 Run4 Update of Measurement of the CP-Violating Asymmetries in B0->f0Ks->pi+pi-Ks decays ICHEP'04
CONF-04/018 Measurement of Time-Dependent CP Asymmetries and Constraints on sin(2b+g) with Partial Reconstruction of B0->D*-+pi+- Decays ICHEP'04
CONF-04/017 Search for B->chi_c K(*) decays ICHEP'04
CONF-04/016 D+->K+K-pi+ Meson Decays: A Search for CP Violation and a Measurement of the Branching Ratio ICHEP'04
CONF-04/015 Simultaneous Measurement of the B0bar lifetime and of the B0-B0bar mixing rate using partially reconstructed B0bar->D*+l-anti-nu_l decays with the BABAR detector ICHEP'04
CONF-04/014 Amplitude Analysis of B->pipipi and B->Kpipi ICHEP'04
CONF-04/013 Search for b->u transitions in B- -> D0(bar)K- and B- ->D0*(bar)K- ICHEP'04
CONF-04/012 Measurement of CP Asymmetries for the Decays B+/- --> D0_CP K*+/- with the BABAR Detector ICHEP'04
CONF-04/011 Study of b->ulv Decays on the Recoil of Fully Reconstructed B Mesons and Determination of |V_ub| ICHEP'04
CONF-04/010 Search for an X(3872) Charged Partner in the Decay Mode X- -> J/psi rho- in the B-Meson Decays B0 -> X- K+ and B- -> X- K_s ICHEP'04
CONF-04/009 Partial reconstruction of B0->Ds*+ D*- Decays and Measurement of the Ds+ -> phi pi+ Branching Fraction ICHEP'04
CONF-04/008 Measurement of the Branching Ratio Gamma(Ds*->Dspi0)/Gamma(Ds*->Dsgam) ICHEP'04
CONF-04/007 Measurement of the Inclusive Electron Spectrum in Charmless Semileptonic B Decays Near the Kinematic Endpoint and Determination of |V_ub| ICHEP'04
CONF-04/006 A study of B0bar to D(*)0 K(*)0bar decays ICHEP'04
CONF-04/005 A Search for the Rare Decays B0 -> Ds+ rho- ICHEP'04
CONF-04/004 Measurements of Lambda_c branching fractions of Cabibbo-suppressed decay modes ICHEP'04
CONF-04/003 Determination of V_ub in inclusive semileptonic B decays ICHEP'04
CONF-04/002 Observation of B meson decay to a1(1260) pi ICHEP'04
CONF-04/001 Search for the Theta*++ pentaquark in B+ -> p pbar K+ ICHEP'04
CONF-03/025 Measurement of Branching Fractions for B0 ->K*2(1430)0 gamma and B+ -> K*2(1430)+ gamma LP'03
CONF-03/024 Search for the B Meson Decay to eta' phi LP'03
CONF-03/023 Observation of the Decay B0->rho+rho- and Measurement of the Branching Fraction and Polarization LP'03
CONF-03/022 Measurement of sin2beta+gamma in fully reconstructed B->D(*)pi decays LP'03
CONF-03/021 Partial Reconstruction of B0 -> D_s*+D*- Decays and Determination of the D_s+ -> phi pi+ Branching Fraction LP'03
CONF-03/020 Study of the decays B- -> D(*)+ pi- pi- LP'03
CONF-03/019 Measurement of the B -> X_sl+l- Branching Fraction Using a Sum over Exclusive Modes LP'03
CONF-03/018 A Measurement of the Total Width, Electronic Width, and Mass of the Y(10580) Resonance LP'03
CONF-03/017 Measurement of Branching Fractions and Charge Asymmetries in B Meson Decays to eta(') K*, eta(') rho, and eta'pi LP'03
CONF-03/016 Measurement of |V_cb| from B0 -> D* l nu_l Decays LP'03
CONF-03/015 Study of Time-Dependent CP Asymmetries with Partial Reconstruction of B0 -> D*-+ pi+- EPS HEP03
CONF-03/014 Measurement of Branching Fractions and CP-Violating Charge Asymmetries in B+ -> rho+ pi0 and B+ -> rho0 pi+ Decays, and Search for B0 -> rho0 pi0 EPS HEP03
CONF-03/013 Measurement of the First and Second Moments of the Hadronic Mass Distributions in Semileptonic B Decays EPS HEP03
CONF-03/011 Branching Fractions in B -> phi h and Search for Direct CP Violation in B+ -> phi K+ MOR EW03
CONF-03/010 Observation of B Meson Decays to omegapi+, omegaK+, and omegaK MOR QCD03
CONF-03/009 Observation of B Meson Decays to eta pi and eta K MOR EW03
CONF-03/008 Limits on the Lifetime Difference of Neutral B Mesons and on CP, T, and CPT Violation in B0B0bar Mixing MOR EW03
CONF-03/007 A search for B -> mu nu
CONF-03/006 A Search for the Decay B->Knunu MOR EW03
CONF-03/005 A Search for B -> tau nu Recoiling Against B -> D0 l nu X MOR EW03
CONF-03/004 A Search for B -> tau nu Recoiling Against a Fully Reconstructed B MOR EW03
CONF-03/002 Rates, Polarizations, and Asymmetries in Charmless Vector-Vector B Decays LA THUILE 03
CONF-03/001 Measurements of the branching fractions of charged B decays to K+pi-pi+ final states LA THUILE 03
CONF-02/034 A study of the rare decays B0 -> D_S(*)+ pi- and B0 -> D_S(*)- K+ 23-Jul-02 ICHEP 02
CONF-02/033 Search for CP violation in B0 decays to pi+pi-pi0 and K+pi-pi0 dominated by rho+pi- and rho+K- 24-Jul-02 ICHEP 02
CONF-02/032 A search for the decay B0 -> pi0pi0 24-Jul-02 ICHEP 02
CONF-02/031 Dalitz plot analysis of D0 hadronic decays D0 -> K0K-pi+, D0 -> antiK0K+pi- and D0 -> antiK0K+K- 28-Jul-02 ICHEP 02
CONF-02/030 Measurement of the CKM matrix element |V_ub| with charmless exclusive semileptonic B meson decays at BABAR 25-Jul-02 ICHEP 02
CONF-02/029 Measurement of the First Hadronic Spectral Moment from Semileptonic B Decays 25-Jul-02 ICHEP 02
CONF-02/028 Search for decays of B0 mesons into pairs of leptons: B0 -> e+e-, B0 -> mu+mu-, and B0 -> e+/-mu-/+ 25-Jul-02 ICHEP 02
CONF-02/027 A search for B+ -> K+nu-antinu with BABAR 25-Jul-02 ICHEP 02
CONF-02/026 Determination of the branching fraction for inclusive decays B -> X_s-gamma 25-Jul-02 ICHEP 02
CONF-02/025 B -> s-gamma using a Sum of Exclusive Modes 25-Jul-02 ICHEP 02
CONF-02/024 Search for the exclusive radiative decays B -> rho-gamma and B0 -> omega-gamma 25-Jul-02 ICHEP 02
CONF-02/023 Evidence for the flavor changing neutral current decays B->Kl+l- and B->K*l+l- 25-Jul-02 ICHEP 02
CONF-02/022 Measurement of the branching fraction for B+- -> chi_c0 K+- 25-Jul-02 ICHEP 02
CONF-02/021 Simultaneous measurement of the B0 meson lifetime and mixing frequency with B0 -> D*-l+nu decays 24-Jul-02 ICHEP 02
CONF-02/020 Measurement of B0 -> D_s(*)+D*- branching fractions and polarization in the decay B0 -> D_S(*)+D*- with a partial reconstruction technique 25-Jul-02 ICHEP 02
CONF-02/019 Measurement of the Branching Fractions for the Exclusive Decays of B0 and B+ to D(*)barD(*)K 28-Jul-02 ICHEP 02
CONF-02/018 Measurement of Branching Ratios and CP Asymmetries in B- -> D0(CP)K- Decays 28-Jul-02 ICHEP 02
CONF-02/017 Measurement of Branching Fractions of Color-Suppressed Decays of the B0bar Meson to D0-pi0, D0-eta, and D0-omega 29-Jul-02 ICHEP 02
CONF-02/016 Measurement of sin2beta in B0 -> phi KS 25-Jul-02 ICHEP 02
CONF-02/015 A study of time-dependent CP asymmetry in B0 -> J/psi pi0 decays 24-Jul-02 ICHEP 02
CONF-02/014 Measurement of time-dependent CP asymmetries and the CP-odd fraction in the decay B0 -> D*+D*- 25-Jul-02 ICHEP 02
CONF-02/013 Measurements of Branching Fractions and Direct CP Asymmetries in pi+pi0, K+pi0 and K0pi0 B Decays 24-Jul-02 ICHEP 02
CONF-02/012 Measurement of the inclusive electron spectrum in charmless semileptonic B decays near the kinematic endpoint 25-Jul-02 ICHEP 02
CONF-02/011 Measurements of Charmless Two-Body Charged B Decays with Neutral Pions and Kaons. 24-Jul-02 ICHEP 02
CONF-02/010 Measurement of the B^0 --> D^*-a_1^+ branching fraction with partially reconstructed D* 25-Jul-02 ICHEP 02
CONF-02/009 Measurements of the branching fractions of charmless three-body B decays 24-May-02 FPCP 02
CONF-02/008 Evidence for the b-->u transition B^0-->D_S^+pi^- and search for B^0-->D_S^*+pi^- 24-May-02 FPCP 02
CONF-02/007 Measurements of Branching Fractions and CP-Violating Asymmetries in B0 --> pi+pi-, K+pi-, K+K- Decays 23-May-02 MOR. EW'02
CONF-02/006 Rare B Decays to States Containing a J/Psi Meson 26-Mar-02 MOR. QCD'02
CONF-02/005 Branching Fraction Measurements of the Decays B->eta_cK, where eta_c->KKbarPi and eta_c->4K 28-Mar-02 MOR. QCD'02
CONF-02/004 Measurement of the Branching Fraction for B0->J/PsiPi+Pi- 26-Mar-02 MOR. QCD'02
CONF-02/003 Measurement of the B0 Lifetime with Partial Reconstruction of B0bar->D*+rho- 26-Mar-02 MOR. QCD'02
CONF-02/002 A Measurement of the Neutral B Meson Lifetime using Partially Reconstructed B0->D*-pi+ Decays 17-Mar-02 MOR. QCD'02
CONF-02/001 Improved measurement of the CP-violating asymmetry sin2beta 05-Mar-02 LA THUILE'02
CONF-01/029 Search for a lifetime difference in D0 decays 10-Sep-01 HFP 01
CONF-01/028 Study of D(*)-anti-D(*) decays with the BABAR detector 10-Sep-01 HFP 01
CONF-01/027 Measurement of D_s^+ and D_s^{*+} production in B decays and from continuum e^+e^- annihilations at sqrt{s} = 10.6 GeV 23-Jul-01 LP'01
CONF-01/024 Search for the rare decays B --> Kl^+l^- and B --> K^*(892)l^+l^- 12-Jul-01 EPS HEP01
CONF-01/023 Measurement of the B^0-anti-B^0 oscillation frequency in hadronic B^0 decays 12-Jul-01 EPS HEP01
CONF-01/017 Study of T and CP violation in B^0-anti-B^0 mixing with inclusive dilepton events 23-Jul-01 LP'01
CONF-01/012 Measurement of the branching fraction for B^+ --> K^{*0} pi^+ 10-Sep-01 HFP 01
CONF-01/010 Measurement of B^0 decays to pi^+pi^-pi^0 23-Jul-01 LP'01
CONF-01/009 Search for direct CP violation in quasi-two-body charmless B decays 10-Sep-01 HFP 01
CONF-01/008 Study of semi-inclusive production of eta' mesons in B decays 10-Sep-01 HFP 01
CONF-01/007 Search for B^0 --> a_0^+(980)pi^- 23-Jul-01 LP'01
CONF-01/006 Measurement of exclusive branching fractions B^0 --> eta K^{*0) and B^+ --> eta K^{*+} 12-Jul-01 EPS HEP01
CONF-01/005 Study of CP-violating asymmetries in B-->pi^+/-pi^-/+, K^+/-pi^-/+ decays 23-Jul-01 LP'01
CONF-01/004 Search for B decays to K0-anti-K0 10-Sep-01 HFP 01
CONF-01/003 Measurement of the branching fraction for B^0-->D^{*+}D^{*-} 23-Jul-01 LP'01
CONF-01/001 Investigation of B-->D^{(*)}D^{(*)}K decays with the BABAR detector 23-Jul-01 LP'01
CONF-00/017 The first year of the BABAR experiment at PEP-II 27-Jul-00 ICHEP 00
CONF-00/016 Search for B->K(*)l+l- 27-Jul-00 ICHEP 00
CONF-00/015 Study of charmless three-body and quasi-two-body B decays 27-Jul-00 ICHEP 00
CONF-00/014 Measurement of branching fractions for two-body charmless B decays to charged pions and kaons at BABAR 27-Jul-00 ICHEP 00
CONF-00/013 Study of inclusive D_S(*)+/- production in B decays and measurement of B0->D*-D_S(*)+ decays using a partial reconstruction technique 27-Jul-00 ICHEP 00
CONF-00/012 A measurement of the branching fraction of the exclusive decay B0->K*0gamma 27-Jul-00 ICHEP 00
CONF-00/010 Measurement of the time dependence of B0B0= oscillations using inclusive dilepton events 27-Jul-00 ICHEP 00
CONF-00/009 Measurement of the B0 meson properties using partially reconstructed B0 to D*-pi+ and B0 to D*-l+nu decays with the BABAR detector 27-Jul-00 ICHEP 00
CONF-00/008 A measurement of the B0B0= oscillation frequency and determination of flavor tagging efficiency using semileptonic and hadronic B0 decays 27-Jul-00 ICHEP 00
CONF-00/007 B lifetime measurements using fully reconstructed B decays 27-Jul-00 ICHEP 00
CONF-00/006 Measurement of the branching fractions for B0->D*-pi+ and B0->D*-rho+ 27-Jul-00 ICHEP 00
CONF-00/005 Exclusive B decays to charmonium final states 27-Jul-00 ICHEP 00
CONF-00/004 Measurement of inclusive production of charmonium states in B meson decays 27-Jul-00 ICHEP 00
CONF-00/001 A study of time-dependent CP-asymmetries in B0->J/psiK0S and B0->psi(2S)K0S decays 27-Jul-00 ICHEP 00