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PUB-06/064 Vector-Tensor and Vector-Vector Decay Amplitude Analysis of B0 -> phi K*0
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Record Created September 23, 2006
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Preprint # hep-ex/0610073
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We perform an amplitude analysis of the decays B0->phi K^*_2(1430)0, 
phi K^*(892)0, and phi(K pi)^0_S-wave with a sample of about 384 million 
BBbar pairs recorded with the BABAR detector. The fractions of longitudinal
polarization f_L of the vector-tensor and vector-vector decay modes are
measured to be 0.853 +0.061-0.069 +-0.036 and 0.506 +-0.040 +-0.015,
respectively. Overall, twelve parameters are measured for the vector-vector
decay and seven parameters for the vector-tensor decay, including the branching
fractions and parameters sensitive to CP-violation.

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25-OCT-2006 fig01.eps Figure or plot eps 70.25 diagram
25-OCT-2006 fig02a.eps Figure or plot eps 15.02 mKpi
25-OCT-2006 fig02b.eps Figure or plot eps 13.61 mKK
25-OCT-2006 fig02c.eps Figure or plot eps 14.48 dE
25-OCT-2006 fig02d.eps Figure or plot eps 14.69 mES
25-OCT-2006 fig03a.eps Figure or plot eps 14.70 H1 phiK*(892)
25-OCT-2006 fig03b.eps Figure or plot eps 13.14 H2 phiK*(892)
25-OCT-2006 fig03c.eps Figure or plot eps 11.50 Phi1 phiK*(892)
25-OCT-2006 fig03d.eps Figure or plot eps 14.98 Phi2 phiK*(892)
25-OCT-2006 fig04a.eps Figure or plot eps 14.43 H1 phiK*(1430)
25-OCT-2006 fig04b.eps Figure or plot eps 13.18 H2 phiK*(1430)
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Submitted ToPhysical Review Letters
Date SubmittedOctober 24, 2006
Journal Year2007
Journal Volume98
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  • AWG: Charmless Q2-body