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PUB-06/071 Measurements of CP-Violating Asymmetries in B0 -> a1+-(1260) pi-+ Decays
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We present measurements  of CP-violating asymmetries in the decay 
B0 -> a_1(1260)^{+-} pi^{-+} with a_1(1260)^{+-} -> pi^{-+} pi^{+-} pi^{+-}.
The data sample corresponds to  384 million  B B-bar  pairs  
collected with the BaBar detector at the PEP-II asymmetric B-factory
at SLAC. We measure the CP-violating asymmetry
A^{a_1 \pi}_{CP}=-0.07+-0.07+-0.02, the mixing-induced CP
violation parameter S_{a_1 \pi}= 0.37 +-0.21+-0.07, the direct CP
violation parameter C_{a_1 \pi}=-0.10+-0.15+-0.09, and the parameters
\Delta C_{a_1 \pi}=0.26+-0.15+-0.07 and \Delta S_{a_1\pi}=-0.14+-0.21+-0.06.
From these measured quantities we determine the angle \alpha_{\rm
eff}= 78.6^{\circ} +- 7.3^{\circ}.

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Submitted ToPhysical Review Letters
Date SubmittedDecember 21, 2006
Journal Year2007
Journal Volume98
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