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Record Created February 8, 2007
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First Author Aubert
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17-MAY-2007 babar-pub-0707.pdf Paper (journal paper or conference submission by BABAR Collaboration) pdf 234.46 pdf version of paper
17-MAY-2007 Paper (journal paper or conference submission by BABAR Collaboration) ps.gz 231.76 The gzipped ps version of the uploaded paper
17-MAY-2007 fig01a.eps Figure or plot eps 13.21 fig1a
17-MAY-2007 fig01b.eps Figure or plot eps 13.15 fig1b
17-MAY-2007 fig01c.eps Figure or plot eps 11.97 fig1c
17-MAY-2007 fig01d.eps Figure or plot eps 12.05 fig1d
17-MAY-2007 fig02a.eps Figure or plot eps 7.96 fig2a
17-MAY-2007 fig02b.eps Figure or plot eps 7.77 fig2b
17-MAY-2007 fig03.eps Figure or plot eps 11.86 fig3
17-MAY-2007 fig04.eps Figure or plot eps 14.83 fig4
17-MAY-2007 fig05.eps Figure or plot eps 7.61 fig5
17-MAY-2007 fig06.eps Figure or plot eps 35.35 fig6
17-MAY-2007 fig07a.eps Figure or plot eps 10.13 fig7a
17-MAY-2007 fig07b.eps Figure or plot eps 22.84 fig7b
Submitted ToPhysical Review D
Date SubmittedMay 14, 2007
Journal Year2007
Journal Volume76
Journal Article/Page Range052002
  • AWG: Leptonic b and c Decays