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PUB-07/014 Study of B0 -> rho+ rho- decays and constraints on the CKM angle alpha
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Record Created February 22, 2007
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15-MAY-2007 Paper (journal paper or conference submission by BABAR Collaboration) ps.gz 855.94 journal paper
15-MAY-2007 figure1.eps Figure or plot eps 4.52 Unitarity Triangle (Fig 1)
15-MAY-2007 figure10.eps Figure or plot eps 13.09 CL plot for alpha (SU(3) method) (Fig 10)
15-MAY-2007 figure11.eps Figure or plot eps 5.93 a1pi variable dfn (Fig 11)
15-MAY-2007 figure2a.eps Figure or plot eps 35.40 Tree Diagram (Fig 2a)
15-MAY-2007 figure2b.eps Figure or plot eps 44.94 Penguin Diagram (Fig 2b)
15-MAY-2007 figure3.eps Figure or plot eps 7.55 Decay Schematic (Fig 3)
15-MAY-2007 figure4.eps Figure or plot eps 29.29 NN inputs (Fig 4)
15-MAY-2007 figure5a.eps Figure or plot eps 7.26 NN outputs (Fig 5a)
15-MAY-2007 figure5b.eps Figure or plot eps 7.28 NN efficiency (Fig 5b)
15-MAY-2007 figure6.eps Figure or plot eps 22.13 mes-de-mv-coshel (Fig 6)
15-MAY-2007 figure7.eps Figure or plot eps 19.39 delta t plot (Fig 7)
15-MAY-2007 figure8.eps Figure or plot eps 7.17 Isospin Triangles (Fig 8)
15-MAY-2007 figure9.eps Figure or plot eps 15.88 CL plot for alpha (Gronau London method) (Fig 9)
Submitted ToPhysical Review D
Date SubmittedMay 15, 2007
Journal Year2007
Journal Volume76
Journal Article/Page Range052007
  • AWG: Charmless Q2-body