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PUB-07/031 Evidence for the B0 -> p pbar K*0 and B+ -> etac K*+ decays and study of the decay dynamics of B meson decays into p pbar h final states
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First Author Aubert
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With a sample of 232x10^6 Upsilon(4S)->BBbar events collected with the BaBar detector, 
we study the decays of B mesons to ppbarh final states, where h=pi+,Ks,K*0 or K*+. 
We report evidence for the B->ppbarK*0 decay, with a branching fraction 
(1.5+/-0.5(stat)+/-0.4(syst))x10^-6, and for the B+->eta_cK*+ decay, with the branching fraction of 
and provide improved measurements of the branching fractions of the other modes of this type.
We also report the measurements of the charge asymmetry  consistent with zero  
in the B+->ppbarpi+, B0->ppbarK*0 and B+->ppbarK*+ modes.
No evidence is found for the pentaquark candidate Theta+ in the mass range 1.52 to 1.55 GeV/c^2, decaying 
into pKs, or the glueball candidate fJ(2220) in the mass range 2.2
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Submitted ToPhysical Review D
Date SubmittedJuly 11, 2007
Journal Year2007
Journal Volume76
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