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PUB-07/023 Search for B0 -> phi (K+pi-) decays with large K+pi- invariant mass
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Preprint # 0705.0398 [hep-ex]
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First Author B. Aubert
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Motivated by the polarization anomaly in the B->phi(1020)K*(892) decay, we extend our search for other K* final states in the decay B0->phi(1020)K^*0 with the K*0->K+pi- invariant mass above 1.6 GeV. The final states considered include the K*(1680)0, K3*(1780)0, K4*(2045)0, and a Kpi spin-zero nonresonant component. We also search for B0->phiDbar0 decay with the same final state. The analysis is based on a sample of about 384 million BBbar pairs recorded with the BABAR detector. We place upper limits on the branching fractions BR(B0->phiK*(1680)0)<3.5*10^-6, BR(B0->phiK3*(1780)0)<2.7*10^-6, BR(B0->phiK4*(2045)0)<15.3*10^-6, and BR(B0->phiDbar0)<11.7*10^-6 at 90% C.L. The nonresonant contribution is consistent with the measurements in the lower invariant mass range.
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Submitted ToPhysical Review D - Rapid Communications
Date SubmittedMay 2, 2007
Journal Year2007
Journal Volume76
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