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PUB-07/026 Amplitude Analysis of the B+- -> phi K*(892)+- Decay
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First Author Aubert
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We perform an amplitude analysis of $B^\pm\to\varphi(1020)K^{*}(892)^\pm$ decay
with a sample of about 384 million $\BB$ pairs recorded with the $\babar$
detector. Overall, twelve parameters are measured, including the fractions
of longitudinal ${f_L}$ and parity-odd transverse ${f_\perp}$ amplitudes,
branching fraction, strong phases, and six parameters sensitive to $C\!P$-violation.
We use the dependence on the $K\pi$ invariant mass of the interference between
the $J^P=1^-$ and $0^+$ $K\pi$ components to resolve the discrete
ambiguity in the determination of the strong and weak phases.
Our measurements of ${f_L}=0.49\pm{0.05}\pm 0.03$, ${f_\perp}=0.21\pm 0.05\pm 0.02$,
and the strong phases point to the presence of a substantial
helicity-plus amplitude from a presently unknown source.

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Submitted ToPhysical Review Letters
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  • AWG: Charmless Q2-body