BABAR Publications Database


The BABAR Publications Data Base (PubDB) is used to store information for all forms of public documentation and publications from BABAR.  The web-based interface to the PubDB allows anyone to search for and view these documents.  The interface to the PubDB is at

There is also a version without frames at

The PubDB currently holds the following types of documents:

  • Journal papers [BABAR-PUB-yy/nn]
  • Conference abstracts [BABAR-ABS-nnnn]
  • Conference submissions [BABAR-CONF-yy/nn]
  • Conference presentations and proceedings [BABAR-TALK-yy/nn and BABAR-PROC-yy/nn]
  • BABAR theses [BABAR-THESIS-nnnn]
  • Public plots or figures [BABAR-PLOT-nnnn]
  • BABAR Notes [BABAR-NOTE-nnnn]
  • BABAR seminars, colloquia and review talks


  1. Each entry in the PubDB typically corresponds to more than one file.  For example, an entry for a journal paper consists of both a pdf and compressed postscript version of the paper, as well as postscript files for each figure. 
  2. [BABAR-ABS-nnnn]  The publication type named "Abstract" contains abstracts submitted to conferences such as the EPS, DPF and APS meetings. 
  3. [BABAR-CONF-yy/nn]  A "conference submission" is the paper that BABAR submits before a conference.  It usually describes a single analysis and does not necessarily correspond to any particular talk at the conference.  It is a resource for speakers giving reviews at conferences and provides publicly available (through the e-print archive) documentation of a BABAR analysis. 
  4. [BABAR-TALK-yy/nn and BABAR-PROC-yy/nn]  A "conference talk" is the presentation that is made by a single BABAR collaborator.  There may be a corresponding "conference proceeding", which is the writeup of the talk.  If there is a written conference proceeding corresponding to a talk, the proceeding is assigned the same number (yy/nn) as the talk.  This category includes seminars and colloquia given at major laboratories. 
  5. The "seminars, colloquia and review talks" category includes some of the personal seminars, colloquia and review talks that have been given by BABAR collaborators. 
  6. [BABAR-THESIS-nnnn]   Although BABAR theses are not reviewed by the Collaboration and are not considered BABAR publications, they are included in the PubDB for the convenience of the author and those who would like a copy of a particular thesis. 
  7. [BABAR-PLOT-nnnn] The "public plots and figures" category contains figures that are approved by the Collaboration but do not appear in a public document such as a journal paper or conference submission.  Plots in this category include detector performance plots, PEP-II performance plots, and compilations of results from different analyses within BABAR (e.g., mixing frequency) or from different experiments (e.g., sin2beta). 

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