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PLOT-0088 B-> b1 V
PLOT-0082 Measurements of Branching Fraction, Polarization and Direct CP-Violating Asymmetry in B+ -> K*0 rho+ decays.
PLOT-0081 Measurement of branching fraction, polarization and CP asymmetry in B+ to Rho+Rho0 decays
PLOT-0080 D->Kenu form factor
PLOT-0078 Rho Ks CP
PLOT-0077 Study of the exclusive ISR production of the DD system
PLOT-0076 Public Figures For E+E- -> Rho-Rho/Phi-Rho
PLOT-0075 Measurement of B-> Lambda p pi branching ratio and study of decay dynamics
PLOT-0074 Search for B+ --> X(3872) K+, X(3872) --> J/psi gamma
PLOT-0071 rho0Kstar+ deltaE projection. Run14 data
PLOT-0070 rho0Kstar+ mes projection. Run14 data.
PLOT-0069 Dalitz plot of D0->K+pi-pi0 (230fb-1 preliminary)
PLOT-0068 D mixing in D0->K+pi-pi0 (230fb-1 preliminary)
PLOT-0056 Time-dependent CP-Violating Asymmetries in B0 -> phi K_S LP'03
PLOT-0055 Measurement of CP-Violating Asymmetries in B0 -> rho- h+ LP'03
PLOT-0054 Update of Time-Dependent CP-Violating Asymmetries in B0 -> h+h- Decays LP'03
PLOT-0053 Measurement of Time-dependent CP-Violating Asymmetries in B0 -> Ks pi0 decays LP'03
PLOT-0052 Observation of the Decay eta_c -> p pbar pi+ pi- LP'03
PLOT-0051 A Search for B0 -> p pbar LP'03
PLOT-0050 Measurement of Branching Fractions for B->pi0lnu, B->rho0lnu, B->omegalnu Decays LP'03
PLOT-0048 Study of B -> K*_2(1430)gamma LP'03
PLOT-0047 Measurement of the Branching Ratio B(B- -> D*0K-)/B(B- -> D*0pi-) LP'03
PLOT-0046 Measurement of the Branching Fraction for B-->D0K*- LP'03
PLOT-0045 Measurement of the Branching Fraction for B0->K+K-K0 LP'03
PLOT-0044 Measurement of inclusive eta momentum spectra and multiplicities using the decay eta->gamma gamma HADRON 2003
PLOT-0043 Production of pi+-, K+- and p/pbar at sqrt(s) = 10.54 GeV and in Hadronic Y(4s) Decays EPS HEP03
PLOT-0041 D_sJ(2458) -> D_s*(2112)+ pi0 2003 Physics in Collision
PLOT-0040 D_s*(2317) -> D_s+ pi0
PLOT-0039 Limits on the Lifetime Difference of Neutral B Mesons and on CP, T and CPT Violations in B0B0bar Mixing
PLOT-0038 Time-dependent CP asymmetries in B0 -> eta'K0s
PLOT-0037 D0 mixing and DCSD rates in D0 -> K+pi-
PLOT-0036 Branching fractions, angular analysis and CP asymmetries in B->phiK*
PLOT-0034 Auxiliary plots for lifetime and mixing from D*-l-nu decays
PLOT-0032 Search for tau -> mu-gamma decays
PLOT-0031 Auxiliary plots for D(*)D(*)K
PLOT-0028 Auxiliary plots for b -> s-gamma from the Sum of Exclusive Modes
PLOT-0027 Auxiliary plots for CP asymmetries in B0 -> J/psi-pi0
PLOT-0026 Rare decays: control sample plots
PLOT-0025 Branching fraction and asymmetry compilation plots
PLOT-0023 Branching fraction for B+->phiK+, B0->phiK0; BF limit for B+->phipi+; plots for DPF 2002 2002 DPF
PLOT-0022 Branching fraction and CP asymmetry for B->pi+pi0, K+pi0, K0pi+; BF limit for K+K0; plots for FPCP 2002 FPCP 02
PLOT-0021 Branching fractions for B- -> D0K-, D0pi- with D0 decaying to non-CP and CP modes FPCP 02
PLOT-0020 Branching fractions for B->eta'K and eta'K*; plots for FPCP 2002 FPCP 02
PLOT-0019 Auxiliary plots on branching fractions for B->K(*)l+l- FPCP 02
PLOT-0018 Branching fraction limit for B->K nu nubar; plots for FPCP 2002 FPCP 02
PLOT-0017 Inclusive electron endpoint spectrum in charmless semileptonic B decays; plots for Winter 2002 conferences 2002 APS
PLOT-0015 Branching fraction for B->rho l nu; plots for Winter 2002 conferences LA THUILE'02
PLOT-0013 Preliminary results on delta Gamma for D0 from KK, pipi, Kpi final states, measured using 2000-2001 data. Luminosity=57.8 fb^-1 MOR. EW'02
PLOT-0012 Preliminary branching fraction limits for B0->e+e-, mu+mu-, e+mu-; plots for Winter 2002 conferences. MOR. EW'02
PLOT-0011 Time-dependent CP asymmetries in B0 -> eta_c Ks; plots for Winter 2002 conferences MOR. QCD'02
PLOT-0010 Auxiliary plots for branching fractions and CP asymmetries for h+h-' 24-Jul-02 ICHEP 02
PLOT-0009 B -> rho gamma plots LA THUILE'02
PLOT-0008 Auxiliary plots for CP asymmetries in B->D*D(*)
PLOT-0007 Branching fractions for B -> D_s(*)+ pi- 24-Jul-02 ICHEP 02
PLOT-0006 Sin2beta Plots For Summer 2002 Conferences LA THUILE'02